Anticipation, Anxiety As State Prepares For Next Step In Medical Marijuana Legalization

MINNETSOTA:  Next week, the Minnesota Department of Health will name the two companies it has selected to grow and refine the state’s entire supply of medical marijuana.

While some communities are ready to welcome new agribusinesses, others have taken steps to block marijuana outlets from setting up shop.

The city of Duluth, which spent years battling a downtown head shop, just passed a six- to 12-month moratorium on any talk of zoning for medical marijuana manufacturing or dispensing facilities. The Minneapolis suburb of Richfield passed a similar moratorium in October after two different cannabis companies approached the city about setting up dispensaries there, should they get the nod from the state.

“From our perspective, what’s really important is to get ahead of the game and figure out how, or where, those facilities might fit into our community,” City Manager Steve Devich said at the time.


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