Ann Arbor Hosts Medical Marijuana Conference This Weekend

MICHIGAN: Doctors will be handing out medical marijuana certifications on the spot during a conference going on this weekend in Ann Arbor.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference, which runs Friday through Sunday the Clarion Hotel on Jackson Avenue, will feature speakers, panel discussions, displays from local dispensaries and workshops on all things medical marijuana.

Ed Gorski, editor of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Report, said the conference will touch on topics from cooking with the medicinal herb to current legislation and the impact of weed on society.

“The shift in perception on marijuana has definitely changed, and in favor or legalization and decriminalization. I mean, if you just look at the polls in some of the cities that have done the decriminalization bills, they’ve passed by overwhelming results,” he said.

The conference will have doctors on hand, issuing medical marijuana certifications for $69, as well as workshops for growers.

“You know, everyone can always improve,” Gorski said. ”All these growers, there’s plenty of information out there that they don’t know. So, it never hurts to sit down in a couple classes and get some tips on helping to make your patients happier.”

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