Alternative Health To Launch Cannabis Extraction At 60,000 SqFt Licensed Facility In California

CALIFORNIA: Alternate Health Corp., an international leader in technology solutions for the regulated cannabis industry, announced today that the Company has signed two agreements to launch operations at a state licensed 60,000 square foot cannabis extraction facility in Adelanto, California.

The first agreement outlines Alternate Health’s purchase of DTS Lab Services (“DTS”), a leading cannabis extracts company with over eight years of experience operating in California’s medical cannabis industry. The agreement details the purchase of all of DTS’s assets, extraction equipment and intellectual property, including the Dank Tank brand of extract vaporisers and cartridges.

“We are proud to bring DTS and Dank Tank into Alternate Health’s growing portfolio of California cannabis brands,” says Howard Mann, CEO of Alternate Health. “DTS’s expertise and experience in performing high level extractions will be invaluable as we look to capture the value-added cannabis manufacturing market.”

Alternate Health intends to bring DTS under the umbrella of a new subsidiary called Alternate Extracts. DTS’s management will work with Alternate Health to expand production, including relocating operations to a new licensed facility in Adelanto, California. DTS’s founder, Keyan Shokraie, will continue to work with Alternate Health as the manager of the Adelanto facility.

“I am excited to begin this ambitious project with Alternate Health as we push for a leadership position in California cannabis extraction,” says Keyan Shokraie, founder of DTS Lab Services.

“With state licenses in place, this is the perfect location to develop a world class extraction facility.”

Alternate Health has also signed an agreement with two California cannabis companies to expand, build-out and manage the 60,000 square foot Adelanto facility. Alternate Health will take a 55% stake in both companies in return for providing equipment and managing operations, including producing wholesale extracts and manufacturing Dank Tank-branded products

The Company intends to begin CO2 extraction immediately following the relocation of DTS’s assets and equipment to the Adelanto facility. Alternate Health plans to expand production to maximize capacity throughout the 60,000 square feet of already state-licensed space. Leasehold improvements and equipment ordering are underway to expand production rapidly to include distillation, ethanol-based extraction and on-site remediation and decontamination.

“These agreements give Alternate Health immediate access into high-margin cannabis manufacturing,” says Howard Mann. “With 60,000 square feet of production space, Alternate Health is well positioned to be a major player in California’s cannabis extraction industry.”

Alternate Health’s new extraction facility will complement the Company’s Bionic Bee brand of flavoured cannabis extracts, creating high quality bulk extractions for the Company’s product line. Originally announced in a press release on Nov. 19, 2019, Alternate Health acquired the medical cannabis extraction company Kare MMJ and their brand Bionic Bee. With expert marketing and extraction expertise developed over five years of operations, Bionic Bee is a key brand in Alternate Health’s growing portfolio of California extraction businesses.