Ad for Weed Gets Pulled Outside Indy Motor Speedway

INDIANA: A first of its kind advertisement promoting marijuana started running outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Friday but nearly as soon as it started running on a mobile Jumbotron, it got pulled.

In a place where advertisements soar through the air and speed past fans, one ad outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was racing itself, to get its message out.

“This is quite possibly the first time that there’s ever been an educational ad regarding marijuana policy run at a major sporting event,” said Mason Tvert with Marijuana Policy Project.

Just as the Marijuana Policy Project was starting a three day marketing campaign with an independent mobile jumbotron, the company who owns it, Grazie Media, said they won’t air it.

“We decided to pull ultimately because it’s not obviously a great fit for the Nascar audience, for the family kind of oriented audience, that’s why we decided to pull the ad,” said Grazie Media CEO, Vanessa Wojtala.

“We think it’s irresponsible to prevent discussion about the relative harms of marijuana and alcohol while simultaneously promoting the use of alcohol at this family type event,” said Tvert.

The controversy had fans as divided as the racers they cheer for.

You can’t advertise cigarettes but you can advertise legalization of marijuana? That just doesn’t make sense,” said one fan.

“I think it’s a good advertisement actually,” said another.


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