A Multimillion-Dollar Idea That Started With Plant Named Skunk 1

COLORADO:  Here at Colorado Harvest Co.‘s grow site, 45 people are packed into a maze of a building, a warehouse that’s outlived its usefulness. Inside they care for hundreds of marijuana plants which are bathed in artificial light to simulate the seasons. The air has a pungent aroma. Each plant is pruned, fed and, eventually, trimmed, cured, dried and packaged to be sold at a dispensary in the city.

Tim Cullen, a former high school science teacher, started the company after receiving a small clipping, a clone, from a friend-of-a-friend in Amsterdam. You can still buy its offspring — Skunk 1.

Today, years later, pot is Cullen’s full-time business, and business is great. He expects to hire about 40 additional people this year.

He and his business partner, Ralph Morgan, also own Evergreen Apothecary on South Broadway, a Colorado street most locals refer to as The Green Mile. Cullen says the store did more than $6 million in sales last year and Colorado Harvest Co. had about $2.3 million.


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