Some Montana Medical Marijuana Providers Seek Tougher Regulation

MONTANA:  The medical marijuana industry in Montana came to a halt in 2011 when federal agents raided greenhouses and dispensaries across the state.

Some providers abandoned the business, but since then dispensaries have slowly been coming back – and now – some current providers are calling for better regulation.

“I think 2011 was the big change, it just exploded up until that point I think it cleaned up a lot. There’s no more people driving around with free this free that in the back of their trucks,” said Roger Petersen, who’s been running a dispensary in Columbia Falls since 2010.

“In another medical state you’d probably only see one reservoir per one room and it’d be real easy, you’d mix one big 400 gallon reservoir up, you’d feed everything, you’d harvest things all at once and then you’d be done, whereas we have to harvest one table to, two tables every week,” Petersen added.


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