1,000 Minnesota Patients Interested In Medical Marijuana

MINNESOTA:  When the Minnesota Department of Health set out to survey patients about the state’s new medical marijuana program, responses rolled in from every corner of the state.

Of the 1,361 people who filled out the online survey earlier this year, 70 percent — nearly 1,000 — said they were likely to register for the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program when enrollment opens this summer.

Minnesota is just months away from limited legalization of medical marijuana, and this survey offers the first glimpse at the number of patients who might enroll, where they live and what conditions they hope to treat with the drug.

For the people and companies scrambling to get the medical marijuana program up and running, setting up the complex, costly system without real market data has been like “building the plane while we’re flying it; changing the car’s tires while we’re driving down the road,” said Assistant Health Commissioner Manny Munson-Regala.

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