The Hoosier Let Down

My name is Cory Davidson.  I am a member of Indiana Medical Marijuana Advocates (IMMA).  I am also a decorated combat veteran, and I live with PTSD.

I joined IMMA to help educate fellow Hoosiers on the subject of Medicinal Marijuana in Indiana, and to help establish a natural treatment option for Hoosiers.  My associates at IMMA and myself have been preparing a grassroots campaign here in Indiana involving our music scene in which we have been very active. Our plan was to advertise, and educate at live entertainment shows, and pass out flyers, tri-folds, with information regarding Medicinal Marijuana and make announcements on updates to legislation involving the Indiana marijuana movement.

Education is the biggest key to changing the viewpoint and attitude towards marijuana in Indiana.  By educate, we are trying to inform our fellow Hoosiers to the different ailments that are treatable with Medicinal Marijuana, and the different methods of treatment that are available.

Senator Karen Tallian has been a staunch supporter of Medicinal Marijuana efforts in Indiana.  Sen Tallian’s office informed us of their intentions to draft legislation to be introduced in January 2014.  The Senator also forged forward in the previous year’s legislation with Sen Thom Knollman (ret) to gather support for Medicinal Marijuana in Indiana.

The legislation was approved for a study committee, who apparently are still studying.  With that said, once again there is some debate for the 2014 session on whether the best course is to submit legislation for Medicinal Marijuana, or go for complete decriminalization — a position which had the full backing from IMMA.

Based upon failed attempts the previous two years, it is apparent that  the support system just hasn’t been there.  Nine out of 10 people that I speak with on a daily basis have not even heard about any legislation being introduced to the Indiana General Assembly.  There has been no advertising, no education for citizens whatsoever.   How is legislation supposed to be successful with voter support if there is no advertising, no information being relayed to Hoosiers?

Instead, the legislation they are attempting to introduce still leaves the possession of Marijuana at any amount a crime.  Smaller amounts will be considered an infraction, and so on.  We haven’t even been given a SB number to reference from.

What we actually need from any organization or individual willing to help is advice, and any form of guidance to complete our uphill battle. Other states have been successful in establishing Medicinal Marijuana laws, and we are trying to make sure we are headed in the right direction, and are utilizing the right resources.   We have reached out to NORML and will continue to reach out to other organizations for advice and guidance.

Why not let Hoosiers vote on their own future with marijuana prohibition?   The ultimatum needs to be given to our politicians.  Either serve your constituents, and tackle the issues or be REPLACED.