Saving Medical Cannabis In Washington State

By Tawnee Cowan

WASHINGTON:  The Washington State Legislature has returned to session, and with it so have we. We are the patients, and the support network that has gathered around the patients to help us get back to the business of living.

We deserve the right to seek freedom from seizures, cancer, chronic pain, terminal illness and mental distress. We deserve the right to be proactive in maintaining and building health through the most effective healthy plant grown in the world today. We deserve to have access to medicine that will effectively return to us our quality of life, without the fear of not being able to afford it.

Healthcare is a human right and not a commercial commodity. So we travel from all over the state, to represent our peers and loved ones who are too ill to travel. We demand that the lawmakers keep the integrity of their words, and not alter the laws on our medicine.  Here are just a few that were able to share their thoughts.
“I am here today because I am going to try to help the State educate the people
about the difference between hemp and cannabis.”
“I am not 100% certain of why we would need to roll the rules of medical cannabis, which is already a functioning system in Washington State into an unproven system that is nothing more than a theoretical model at this point. I am not sure how that meets the needs of the patients.


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