Book Review: “Cannabis for Capitalists: Production Horticulture Tools, Materials, Techniques & Resources”

My editor handed me a book to review, but not a printed version, rather a thumb drive in a padded envelope. I was told that this USB unit has an expiration date, encouraging visions of a smoking time bomb after I insert it into my aging laptop.

Speaking of smoke, ‘Cannabis for Capitalists’ really is more of a users’ guide for growing mass quantities of marijuana – excuse me, for growing CANNABIS. Considering this was written by Kerrie Badertscher, a certified professional horticulturist, and her husband Kurt Badertscher, both of Otoké Horticulture, I should probably use proper terminology.
Once you get past the text formatting issues of the PDF (and that may be due to the fact that this is a Review Copy, not the Final Version), there is an overwhelming amount of scientific information for horticultural growers.
Cannabis for Capitalists explains how to properly interpret fertilizer labels, for example, and has dedicated a full chapter to Microbial Soil Biopesticides.
They cover new industry worker safety standards, staff and garden checklists, photos and references. It’s a very thorough reference guide for any experienced or intermediate grower.  Otoke is also USDA and MMED approved, which is great considering the future of large scale cannabis production.
If I were to print this 331 page manual (which I cannot, since it’s a review copy only), it would cost about $30. The online version is normally $100, now on sale for $50, and I’d probably pay that if I were considering a major grow operation.
But then again, if I were planning a major grow operation, and I didn’t know half the stuff in this book, I would reconsider my pipe dreams.
You can find more information about Otoke on their website.

Good luck!