Beets to Cannabis

My mentor, the Queen of Weed, taught me more in 5 days than I had learned in my off and on passion with marijuana in 30 years. More off than on, because of the unavailability. After being in Seattle and seeing her garden, I now daydream of being a pot farmer.I always grow a nice vegetable garden and I was once upon a time a real farmer, complete with cows, horses, hay and oat crops. So, being an experienced farmer, I should be able to grow a pot plant. Just try to find a seed. Marijuana can’t be too difficult to grow, it is a weed according to my grandson, and in my yard, weeds are quite prolific.


From watching the Hempress tend her medical grade marijuana garden, it really is a lot of work and quite expensive. The electric bill alone would choke me. She was explaining things to me that took me weeks to figure out what she said. It is a whole new world complete with its own lingo. It all finally started to fit together, although it did take me some weeks and internet searches to figure out the rest, after I got home.


When marijuana becomes legal in Wyoming, I wonder how many oat/sugar beet/hay producers will switch crops, or at least supplement with marijuana crops. We would have a whole lot fewer poor farmers. Maybe the farm kids would be more inclined to follow in their parent’s footsteps, instead of packing up and leaving the farm because it isn’t making enough money. If they could grow hemp, which used to be a multi-million dollar business, why not raise it again? Farms are going broke. An acre of certified weed free (no pun intended) marijuana would save many farm families. There are too many farms being turned into motel parking lots.

Hemp Will Help Families


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