Legalize Now NY Hosts Legalization Talks And Live Music

Recently an energetic group of pot activists met at the Bell House in Brooklyn

By Rich Woznicki NEW YORK: Last night, advocacy group Legalize Now New York hosted talks from local politicians, advocates, and had a surprise visit from Redman at the Bell House in Brooklyn for the event.  In attendance were all the  likely suspects from the New York legalization movement, veterans like Troy Smit of Empire State NORML, NY Read the full article…

COLORADO: Cranfords debuts its high THC, machine-rolled cannabis cigarettes


The cigarette is an American icon, like it or not. And while Big Tobacco and anti-cigarette activists alike can (and will) take advantage of its iconic visage, they’re not the only ones utilizing its familiarity. A Colorado company debuted its all-marijuana cigarettes a few months ago, and now the Rifle, Colo.-based makers of Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes are Read the full article…

COLORADO: Medical Marijuana is Still the Best Deal on Pot in Colorado


Four months into legal recreational marijuana in Colorado, the market for medical cannabis is still by far the most cost-effective way to purchase pot in the state, a FiveThirtyEight analysis has found. Colorado legalized the sale of recreational marijuana in 2012, setting the stage for the first open recreational marijuana economy in the United States. The first sales Read the full article…

PA: NORML Interviews: PA State Senator and US Congressional Candidate Daylin Leach


NORML recently interviewed Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach regarding marijuana law reform and the role it has played in state politics and his campaign. While serving in Harrisburg, Senator Leach introduced measures to legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. In addition to currently serving in the state Senate, Daylin Leach is also a Read the full article…

ILLINOIS: Waging war against drug prohibition


It was 25 years ago when James Gierach, a municipal attorney living in Palos Park, created political ripples by saying that marijuana should be decriminalized. “It was a gathering of Cook County Democratic Party committeemen, and I was trying to get them to slate me for state’s attorney,” Gierach recalled Monday. I asked what the Read the full article…

Pot Prohibitionists Will Have to Do Better Than Bill Bennett’s BS


A couple of months ago, arguing in favor of marijuana prohibition at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), radio producer Christopher Beach faced a mostly hostile audience. “There used to be a strong conservative coalition opposed to drugs, but it’s dissipated in the face of mounting public support for legalization,” Beach told The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball afterward. “We’re Read the full article…

Meet the Congressman Whose District Grows Most of Your Weed


CALIFORNIA: Two years ago, California Rep. Jared Huffman, who had previously served as a state assemblyman and an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, was elected to represent a district stretching from Marin County all the way to the Oregon border. It includes the Emerald Triangle, the three-county region that produces most of America’s Read the full article…

Fox Slams NJ Gov Chris Christie’s Pot Brutality and Ignorance


NEW JERSEY: Though Fox news is more or less consistently prohibitionist, Fox correspondent Greg Gutfeld gets it right and shames thuggish Governor Chris Christie on his refusal to stop destroying innocent – and mostly minority – people’s lives for choosing a safer buzz than alcohol.  

AirTHC Aims to Connect Weed-Friendly Homeowners and Travelers


COLORADO: Presumably, folks visiting Colorado for a bit of “weed tourism” will want somewhere to enjoy the fruits of their travels. But until more cannabis cafes proliferate, what’s a vacationing stoner to do? It can be hard to hide the smell of marijuana in a hotel, and most Airbnb hosts make no mention of their pot policies. Read the full article…

Marijuana Policy Roundup

a nug

Nevada Legalization Initiative Gets Underway, Aims At 2016. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Wednesday filed a petition with the Nevada Secretary of State to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the Silver State. The group needs to get 101,667 signatures by November 11 to move the process forward. If the signatures are collected on Read the full article…