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Drunken Sorority Sisters


This is, by far, the worst crap, er, crop I’ve ever grown.  Stoopid spider mites come back every three days. I’ve hit them will sulfur, and organic sprays that won’t hurt the delicate THC crystals growing within. But still the yellow specks remain and all I want to do is take a high pressure hose to the Read the full article…

Book Review: “Cannabis for Capitalists: Production Horticulture Tools, Materials, Techniques & Resources”

An essential toolkit for growers and their staff's that promotes consistency and reduced risk. Targeted at production scale growers, smaller growers can benefit from these tools as well.

My editor handed me a book to review, but not a printed version, rather a thumb drive in a padded envelope. I was told that this USB unit has an expiration date, encouraging visions of a smoking time bomb after I insert it into my aging laptop. Speaking of smoke, ‘Cannabis for Capitalists’ really is Read the full article…

Happy Hempy New Year 2014!

MJ Tupperware Party

I started 2013 with a basement full of weed and an empty bank account. I don’t know of any Seattle grower that actually got rich from growing pot this year. I think a lot of us unemployed corporate types that got laid off saw the opportunity to work for ourselves until the state could figure Read the full article…

And So It Begins…A Legal Marijuana Industry Is Born

Some of Seattle’s Leading MJ Brand – including Cannabis Basics, Sativa Valley, Wicked Wicks, Ettalew’s, Kush Creams, Evergreen Herbal, Vita Verde, Have a Heart, Fweedom, Patient2Patient and Hempfest Central.

Today’s the day Washington State takes applications for legalized, for profit, marijuana businesses. It seems like only yesterday I was closing the blinds, hiding my pot smoking-turned-growing bud business. We didn’t even dare mention the word Pot in any cell phone conversation. “Can I get some ‘salad’?’” my friends would ask.  Now its “I want Read the full article…

Bonnie and Clyde Of The Green Rush

Call me crazy, but I fell more in love with Jack that day. He took care of business, and of me.

We met at the Baltic Room in 2009. Jack is an average-looking white dude, bald and shorter than me, but there was instant and overpowering chemistry. I would never have guessed that he had a basement full of weed. I rented out my house and moved in with him three months later. It was love Read the full article…

Ladies, Take Root!

Like our female cannabis plants, we all need to root ourselves firmly into the ground, nourish our bodies, get lots of water, grow into the light and sleep when it’s dark.

There is an ugly side to the Seattle cannabis movement. There are lawsuits and name calling, and narking and threats. People from other states probably think we lavish each other congratulatory back slaps with the passage of I-502. (That, in addition to smoking the very best weed in the entire universe, of course.) But no. Read the full article…

What Universe Am I On?

Farmer, Activist and Author Farmer Tom at MMJ Universe.

It’s criminal that not everybody can take a stroll through a Cannabis Farmers Markets.Walking through the MMJ Universe greenhouse this morning was like walking through heaven. Sweet billowy clouds of pot smoke fills the air, friendly growers and processors display their wares, doling out free samples at every table: smiling people offering me marijuana on Read the full article…

How Hempfest Changed My Life

Grower/Activist Eve Baretta: Seattle Hempfest changed my life

This weekend I spent two days immersed in all things marijuana – from politics to music, the search for police-donated Doritos and the wide wide world of vaping – I didn’t just get high, I became an emblazoned advocate for our RIGHT to get high.

Hot Hot Harvest


I can’t believe its harvest time already. I find it a little peculiar how many men volunteered to help this time. Maybe they thought Helen from Redneck, WY was coming back to give them a few rounds on the sit and spin. Triming Buds with Benefits, a Love Story.  Sorry fellahs, it’s just me and Read the full article…