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Marijuana Trimmers Use Tiny Scissors But Eye Big Careers

WASHINGTON:  Washington’s marijuana business has created a legal occupation for bud trimmers that offers career opportunities.

The Columbian reports ( that bud trimmers make between $12 and $15 an hour.

The job requires using small scissors to trim away leaves and other things from marijuana buds. Most trimmers work on about a pound of marijuana per day.

Experienced workers can move up to gardeners or concentrate makers and make $50,000 to $90,000 a year.

Marijuana Industry Entrepreneurs Enjoy Hottest Career Opportunities

By John Levy

The marijuana market is among the fastest growing of all time. It is also becoming more socially acceptable, and as such, many young people are opting for a career in the cannabis industry. According to Forbes, the pot sector will create more employment than manufacturing by 2020. There are many job opportunities in the cannabis industry and thousands are taking advantage of them.

Job listings are available abundantly online. People are flocking to cannabis job fairs in droves. Companies employ many attendees at a time, but more people are just trying to get into the space. Most have little to no experience working with marijuana, but they believe wholeheartedly in the product and because these jobs are typically unique, there is place for anyone willing to learn.

The cannabis industry is not only attractive to the youth. Older folk are also involving themselves, particularly those too old for the traditional workforce, yet with bachelor’s degrees. Store managers are not especially unique, but marijuana industry entrepreneurs can choose from other job positions found nowhere else.

These are currently the top five job opportunities in the cannabis industry:

  1. Store Manager
  2. Grow Master
  3. Bud Trimmer
  4. Extraction Technician
  5. Owner

1. Store Manager

Managers play a crucial role in any retail environment, including recreational outlets and medical dispensaries. Store managers earn a very good salary in the cannabis industry. At the very least, they can make upwards of $75,000 per year, and they can expect a bonus based on gross sales.

Commission can be particularly lucrative when you consider how some Californian dispensaries turn over up to $10 million annually, which adds up to a very healthy bonus. As with traditional jobs, these employees also get health insurance and vacation pay. There is also room for job growth, as many managers become supervisors overseeing several stores.

2. Grow Master

You need a unique skillset to become a cannabis grow master. This person has the responsibility of cultivating the different marijuana strains. Much like a master chef, it is a seller’s market for grow masters. There is a very high demand for people with growing skills, and because of this, they can command their own salaries. Some earn a basic wage of $100,000 per year and a profit percentage.

Currently, the best cultivators originate from states with the longest legalization period, such as California and Colorado. They are already used to earning exceptional wages and working by themselves, and they have had the time to perfect their skills and solidify their reputations. The future will likely have celebrity cultivators, much like the celebrity chefs we have today.

3. Bud Trimmer

Bud trimming is an entry-level position, but it will get you into the cannabis industry. These employees earn the lowest wages. In California, bud trimmers typically make approximately $13 per hour, but there is always work available for them. Some earn according to the pound, which adds up to between $100 and $200 for every pound of bud they trim.

In medical marijuana dispensaries, bud trimmers are valuable. They remove flowers from stems and it is paramount that they waste as little as possible, cut only what is necessary, and ensure buds are in pristine condition. They also separate and weigh leaves, stems, and buds. Although it is certainly a tedious job, bud trimming is one of the easiest ways to work your way into the cannabis industry.

4. Extraction Technician

When people think of marijuana, they picture the flowers. However, cannabis extracts are becoming increasingly popular, accounting for as much as 40 percent of sales at some outlets. Considered “extract artists,” these employees typically have PhDs and unique skills. Salaries are as high as $125,000 in profitable dispensaries.

Some states only allow patients to use medical marijuana extracts. According to the New York State Department of Health, patients in New York may not smoke pot. They may only use it as an extract. Although expensive machines have the actual job of extracting, technicians have the expertise and knowledge to make them work, as well as the experience to provide consistent quality to patients.

5. Owner

Owning a marijuana business is not as fun a job as it sounds. It comes with one headache after another. People think owners make millions, but this is untrue in most cases. There are banking and legal worries, as well as a constantly shifting regulatory environment. Marijuana business owners cannot claim the same deductions other businesses can, making expenses extremely high.

For many cannabis business owners, it takes years for revenues to pay off initial capital investments. They fork out millions of dollars and only see profits years later. Even so, the marijuana industry is in its earliest phase, and with forecasters predicting decades of explosive growth, owning a cannabis business can be both lucrative and far more pleasant than the daily grind of traditional jobs.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering a career in the cannabis industry, then there are plenty of job opportunities already available. If you take the time to hone specialized skills, then you can command the best salary in a market desperately looking for you. Consider taking a cultivation or extraction course if you are serious about joining the ranks of marijuana industry entrepreneurs.

John Levy blogs for Pot Valet, a leading company to provide cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles.


Medical Marijuana And Its Impact To The Economy

By Zack M

Twenty five states have legalized marijuana for medical use so far, and it’s already clear that there are many economical advantages to be gained from this as well as the various medical marijuana benefits to be enjoyed by patients.  Because the marijuana systems in place in these states are being well regulated and taxed, money is coming in steadily from the cannabis industry.  These are just some of the ways that cannabis legalization can assist weakening economies.

Medical Marijuana Eliminates The Need For Tax Hikes

With some estimates putting illicit cannabis sales at around $50 billion in revenue a year, it doesn’t make any sense to allow that money to go to gangs and criminals.  Prohibition states are missing out on large incomes by choosing not to regulate and tax the industry.  New tax income from the legal sales of marijuana reinvigorate the economy of the state, and decrease the need for additional taxes on other products income.

Marijuana Regulation Creates Jobs

Whenever people earn money via legal and regulated means, they pay taxes and put money back into the state economy.  Legal cannabis states have seen real job creation.  Instead of allowing those jobs to be held by non-taxpaying criminals, marijuana further benefits the state.  Many marijuana industry jobs are highly skilled and pay excellent wages. Demand is expected to remain strong for trained horticulturists, laboratory testers, dispensary workers and team managers.

According to AlterNet, the top cannabis industry jobs are:

  • Budtenders – assist dispensary customers with purchasing marijuana
  • Sales Reps – sell products (vapes, technology, edibles, etc.) to dispensaries
  • Extraction Technicians – make marijuana concentrates
  • Edibles Makers – make marijuana-infused foods and drinks
  • Dispensary Security – patrol dispensaries for illegal activity
  • Marijuana Growers – cultivate marijuana for dispensaries
  • Trimmers – trim and package marijuana flowers for dispensaries
  • Dispensary Managers – manage all or various aspects of dispensaries

Legalization Lowers Government Spending 

Prohibition is expensive and wasteful.  Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron estimates the government War on Marijuana costs Americans more than $20 billion annually.  The costs include law enforcement, the strain on the courts and justice system, and the enormous cost of housing and feeding low-level drug offenders.

Monies that could be used to address pressing social needs — education, infrastructure, crime — are wasted on a failed public policy.  By all accounts the War on Drugs has been a dismal failure.

Trimmigrants Flock To California To Process Marijuana

CALIFORNIA: Except for traffic passing through on Highway 101, this northern Mendocino County city is relatively quiet much of the year. But for three months in the fall, it gets an influx of world travelers lured by marijuana-trimming jobs, temporarily swelling the town’s population of under 5,000 and instilling it with an international flavor.

They’re called trimmigrants and they are an integral part of the North Coast’s lucrative marijuana industry, estimated to be worth billions of dollars and widely considered to be a major economic driver in Mendocino and Humboldt counties. But, like the pot industry itself, reaction to their presence is mixed. The migrant workers contribute to the economy, but many effectively are homeless. Though the growers who employ them typically provide housing or a place to camp, when not working, they camp illegally in parks, alleys and along railroad tracks and rivers. Some can’t find jobs and turn to panhandling and frequenting food banks.

The annual march of migrant marijuana workers has occurred for years throughout the pot-rich North Coast, from Sonoma County to the Oregon border and beyond during the traditional fall cannabis harvest season, which runs roughly from mid-September through the end of November. The phenomenon has gained a worldwide reputation, and now draws an international crowd to rural places that are not on the usual tourist guide list.


New MJ Research Report: Washington Canna-businesses Plan To Grow Organizations By 200% In 2015

Last month the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) hosted the first ever cannabis job fair in Spokane, WA.  As part of our MJ Research’s effort to provide business intelligence to participants in the legal cannabis industry, we surveyed more than 110 hiring managers, employees and job candidates online and at the event.

From analysis of this survey, conducted by Analytically Correct and the MJBA, we learned that the Washington State companies who responded to the survey plan to grow their companies by 200% in 2015.  The majority of these positions will be operations positions such as growers, trimmers and bud tenders.  Over 50% of these positions will pay under $30,000 per year.

Washington State companies who responded to the survey plan to grow their companies by 200% in 2015.

Analytically Correct CEO Joe Armes presents the MJ Research Jobs Report to industry participants at the Marijuana Business Association


Spokane’s First Cannabis Job Fair Draws Huge Crowds

WASHINGTON: Nearly 900 eager job seekers turned out for Spokane’s first ever cannabis job fair this past weekend, many of them lining up as early as 7:30 to drop their resumes off and meet some of eastern Washington’s leading cannabis industry employers.

Organized by the Marijuana Business Association, and presented by Washington NORML and the Islander, MJBA Job Fair Spokane was held at the Spokane Convention Center and featured employers and exhibitors included leading cultivators Washington’s Finest Cannabis, Blue Roots Cannabis, Triple T Farms, Kush Comfort Farms, and Buddy Boy, who were looking for trimmers and agricultural help; leading cannabis brands including Evergreen Herbal, Cannabis Training Institute, 420MEDIA, Analytically Correct, Mosaic Insurance, PayQwick, BioTrackTHC, Miller Soils, WeedTraQR, and Dope Magazine.

The Inlander publisher Ted McGregor delivered the keynote address, using the occasion to look back on the first year of Washington legal cannabis (the state’s first recreational shops opened on July 8, 2014).  Ted gave a shout out to Spokane resident Mike Boyer, the first recreational pot consumer in the state who subsequently lost his job after a workplace drug test confirm his legal consumption, who was in attendance at the fair optimistically seeking employment opportunities.  He drew parallels between the end of alcohol prohibition and today’s unravelling of the failed war on drugs.


Business Intelligence expert Joe Armes, Analytically Correct, preceded the keynote, and delivered the MJ Research Jobs Report in which Analytically Correct estimates WA State recreation cannabis direct industry jobs to be 3,000 – 4,000 by the end of 2015 and 5,000 – 6,000 by the end of 2016.

MJ Research Jobs Report

MJ Research Jobs Report

420MEDIA and Kerri Accardi were in the house, hosting an open casting call for their upcoming web series, Hmm…Did You know.   A panel of cannabis cultivators from Washington’s Finest Cannabis, Farmer Tom Organics, Kush Comfort Farms talked about careers as a pot farmer.  Other featured speakers included Luc Nelson, Cannabis Training Institute; Kevin Oliver, Washington NORML; Melissa Braddock, Eden Labs; Norm Ives, Mosaic Insurance; Dan McMahon, BioTrackTHC, Aubrey Armes, Analytically Correct HR; Eric Ogden, WeedTraQR; Isaac Curtis, UFCW; Crystal Oliver, Washington’s Finest Cannabis; Terry Polyak, PayQwick; Kerri Accardi, 420MEDIA; Heather Gehrman, Evergreen Herbal; and Jon Hofer, RMMC Consulting.



Staffing Firm Specializing In jobs In The Marijuana Industry Opens In Pueblo

COLORADO: A brand new staffing company specializing in jobs in the marijuana industry is holding a hiring event Tuesday.

Grasshopper Staffing in Pueblo opens Tuesday and is kicking off their new business with an event for prospective employees from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Organizers say there will be interviews on the spot. Find more information here.

The company can help prospective employees through licensing procedures and provide payroll services for employers.

The company’s Facebook page has a “Featured job” each day – from Master Cannabis Cultivator to Bud Tenders and Trimmers.

Weedhire.Com Sponsors MJBA Job Fair Seattle Saturday, September 27th

WASHINGTON: WeedHire, a premier jobs site for the legal marijuana industry, and the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), the cannabis industry chamber of commerce, are inviting legal cannabis job seekers to join dozens of employers as the first crop of Washington’s legal cannabis businesses go to market at “Job Fair Seattle,

Sponsors at the historic industry event will include many of Washington State’s top employers who are actively seeking to fill immediate openings in the fast-growing recreational marijuana, medical cannabis and industrial hemp industries, including Viridian Sciences, Eden Labs, CIPS, Blue Line Protection, Evergreen Herbal and Ms. Mary Staffing.

“Washington’s legal cannabis industry is ramping up quickly, and the demand for qualified talent for a wide range of high paying jobs is real. Employers are looking for budtenders, trimmers, salespersons, accountants, bookkeepers, security guards, photographers, writers, designers, developers to name but a few,” said MJBA CEO David Rheins.

Added Weedhire CEO David Bernstein in a YouTube video, “Bring your resume to the MJBA Job Fair this Saturday in Bellevue, WA — sign up for a free profile or better yet share our short video with friends.”

High Demand For Pot Jobs: Huge Turnout At Colorado Marijuana Job Fair

COLORADO: Looking for a job as a bud-tender? Get in line.

A marijuana-industry job fair in Colorado saw a massive turnout of job seekers who waited in line for information about employment in the expanding industry following the legalization of recreational marijuana use in the state.

More than a dozen companies were looking for candidates to fill jobs as bud-tenders (those who work behind the counter and dispense pot), marketers, marijuana trimmers and even accountants.

Pot Festival Meets Country Fair At Emerald Cup In Santa Rosa, CA

CALIFORNIA:  Marijuana culture took center stage on the first day of a high-profile organic cannabis competition at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, a first for the county and perhaps a harbinger of the drug’s eventual outright legalization.

Organizers expected the event Saturday and Sunday to draw 5,000 people daily to toke some of the best marijuana in the world, buy heirloom seeds, listen to music or sit in on panel discussions ranging from plant genetics and breeding to soil types and politics. [Read more…]