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TraceWeed Ready for Use by Washington State Marijuana Growers and Processors

WASHINGTON: Recreational marijuana growers and producers in Washington State have a new option for meeting their seed-to-sale traceability requirements, as Seattle-based Dauntless Software Inc. has announced the release of TraceWeed, a solution that tracks plants, inventory, and storage locations using a combination of desktops and smartphones. All of it is designed to help make I-502 businesses fully compliant with the state’s traceability system and requirements, and eliminates the need for growers and producers to use other traceability solutions.

“What we aimed for is a secure and simple, easy-to-use way for I-502 businesses to manage their operations without the need to worry about if they are staying compliant with Liquor Control Board traceability standards,” said Dauntless CEO Clark Musser. “We’ve taken a lot of the time and headache out of traceability while keeping our pricing affordable.”

After a successful beta period with multiple producer/processor operations around Washington, the Dauntless TraceWeed solution is now available to everyone. Today’s release includes features to manage your day-to-day I-502 business including: detailed reporting, clone management, plant tracking, and full featured harvest capabilities.

“This traceability system is the future for our industry. It’s an incredibly smart design, it’s user-friendly, and highly adaptable. Pure elegance,” said industry consultant Chris Bayley of Hortistructure, Inc. “After listening to my clients talk about their experiences with the initially available traceability systems, I’m proud to now recommend TraceWeed.”

“We love how TraceWeed is mobile so you don’t always have to go to your computer to get things entered,” said Susan Strickland, co-owner of Happy Wayz Edibles in Spokane, Wash., one of TraceWeed’s beta customers. “Example: move a plant from one room to another, grab your phone, and ‘click, click, done!’”

TraceWeed customers tag their plants with PVC cards encoded with an NFC chip, the same technology that is behind many of the cutting-edge mobile payment systems like Apple Pay. Similar tags and stickers are used to mark locations within the grow operations. Once tagged, all it takes is a simple tap of a TraceWeed-enabled phone, to allow a grower to designate a single plant or whole shelf of plants as moved or ready for harvest.

Along with the software service, TraceWeed has approached hardware with the idea of making things as simple and cost effective as possible. The PVC tags used for plants are impervious to grow-room or outdoor conditions; all-weather stickers can be printed with government IDs and strain details using an optional portable Bluetooth printer. And no proprietary hardware is needed to run or manage a TraceWeed system – phones, pc’s and other items are off-the-shelf – and each PVC plant tag can be reused up to 10,000 times.

Customers who use the TraceWeed software will automatically get updates as they are rolled out, at no additional charge. “The sky is the limit around what we want to offer for future versions of TraceWeed. Our key goal is to help make it simple to run an I-502 business in order to allow our partners to focus on creating and selling great products” said Dauntless CEO Clark Musser. Dauntless is planning on expanding into other states with legal recreational or medical marijuana markets.

Dauntless is now scheduling installations for its initial signed customers. New customers can expect to be up and running within 60 days. For information or to schedule a demo, email or call (206) 489-4942. 

Dauntless Announces Acquisition Of Soro Software

Acquisition brings CRM and business intelligence functionality to GIANT platform

WASHINGTON: Dauntless, Inc. has acquired Soro Software, Inc., announcing an agreement to combine forces and move forward together. 

“We’re super excited about working with Dauntless!”, said Soro CEO Jerry Tindall. He says, “Our companies just clicked so well together; it was a no-brainer”. Dauntless CEO, Clark Musser, said “We’ve both got best-in-breed software offerings for the cannabis industry. Joining teams cements our place as both a pioneer and leader in both the emerging US and Global cannabis industry”. The combined company will operate under the Dauntless name.

Dauntless is best known for their Point-of-Sale solution Korona and seed-to-sale product TraceWeed. Both products will soon be rebranded. Soro offers the leading cannabis-specific CRM & Sales Enablement platform for Growers, Processors, and Distributors. “Combined, we offer true end-to-end solutions for the cannabis industry. No one else can handle the needs of growers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers like we can. Whether your business is just a few people or an enterprise, we’ve got you covered,” says Tindall.

The combined companies intend to integrate their offerings into a global cannabis-industry platform called GIANT. Dauntless COO Brady Miller says “There are over 87,000 cannabis related businesses in the world today. We’re able to connect them all together to allow both information and physical products to flow freely between businesses. We’re leading the charge on making cannabis one of the best-connected industries on earth”. The products offered previously by each company will continued to be sold both individually or as part of the larger suite.

TetraTrak’s Brian Yauger: Building Better Business Intelligence Technology

WASHINGTON: Brian Yauger has a game plan for bringing better business intelligence to the legal cannabis industry.  A Texan with Republican political leanings, the former NCAA football coach at first blush seems an unlikely figure to be heading one of Seattle’s hottest canna-tech firms, TetraTrak LLC, but Yauger believes his career as a big time college football coach was ideal preparation.

“Coaching turned out to be the perfect training for running a technology business,” Yauger tells MJNewsNetwork.  “You scout the field and competition, and you hire smart people to coach the positions that are not your strength.  Then you work tirelessly to put together a game plan.  Once you are comfortable with your plan you put it into action and then make adjustments on the fly as the game progresses.  You don’t get too high when things go right and you don’t get too down when things go wrong. You just keep pushing towards the goal line.  I think if you were to replace the words ‘game plan’ with ‘business plan’ and the word ‘adjustments’ with ‘pivots’, it is the exact description of how to run a business.”

Yauger Presents at MJBA Front Runner Seminar in Spokane

Yauger Presents at MJBA Front Runner Seminar in Spokane

Yauger relocated to Seattle in mid-June, 2014, looking to be a part of the Green Rush.  By February 2015 had founded TetraTrak, by opening a business checking account with $4600.  Within 6 months, Front Runner Data dashboard and searchable database Front Runner Data was cash positive.  Growing the company by establishing key strategic relationships with the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), where he presents the monthly MJ Research Report, and several of its member technology companies, TraceWeed, and PayQwick.

TetraTrak takes advantage of the incredible amount of public data available from Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board.  Through its online portal, the LCB makes regularly publishes detailed market and company data, but in hard to consume spreadsheet format. The Front Runner Data service parses all the cumbersome Washington data into an easy to read dashboard and searchable database, so market participants can see who is selling what to whom and for how much.  To add even more value, Yauger and his team of analysts compile the data, add analysis, and publish it out to subscribers for $99 a month.  TetraTrak is currently building out a free service, with near real-time streaming data called, which is expected to debut in the next few months as an advertising supported offering.

Yauger presenting to Front Runner and MJBA "Striking Oil" Seminar in Tacoma

Yauger presenting to Front Runner and MJBA “Striking Oil” Seminar in Tacoma

Hundreds of companies have already subscribed to his service in Washington, and the company is now raising money, and will use the proceeds of its raise to expand its service to include the legal markets of Oregon, Colorado and Alaska.

Bringing the dashboard to life, Front Runner and MJBA host quarterly professional education seminars called The Front Runner series, targeted panel discussions for licensees. These half-day workshops drill down into the official LCB numbers, parsing the wholesale and retail marijuana sales data into salient consumable chunks. MJBA’s David Rheins then leads panel discussions with the industry’s leading authorities – licensees, subject matter experts, and government regulators – and facilitates audience Q&A. Highlights of these panels are currently made available on YouTube via MJBA’s Marijuana Channel One, with full-length downloads of the seminars, in addition to live webinars, in the works.

“Relationships in the industry are everything,” Yauger explained.  Through organizations like the MJBA we have been able to network with other companies in the industry and grow very quickly.”

Canna-Technologists Adam Mauro, Leaf Logix, Eric Ogden, WeedTraQR, and Brian Yauger, TetraTrak at an MJBA mixer

Canna-Technologists Adam Mauro, Leaf Logix, Eric Ogden, WeedTraQR, and Brian Yauger, TetraTrak at an MJBA mixer

On the print front, Front Runner has teamed with Seattle-based Marijuana Venture Magazine to publish a monthly snapshot of Washington’s cannabis marketplace, and is in development with several other syndicated media programs.

Last week, as MJNewsNetwork was preparing this profile, Fox Sports was in town to profile Yauger. The story of how an all-American jock went from college coaching to cannabis is topical. Sports and cannabis is making national headlines, and trending up the twitersphere these days, with a number of high profile athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL and UFC calling for the removal of the ban on medical cannabis.  Just last month, Yauger was a featured panelist at MJBA’s “Game On: The Business of Sports and Cannabis,” alongside NBA All-Star Cliff Robinson, and in other ways sees a convergence of his old sports and new cannabis careers.

NBA All-Star Cliff Robinson, Marc Belsher, Sliverback Advisors, and Yauger panelists at Game On: The Business of Sports and Cannabis in Portland

NBA All-Star Cliff Robinson, Marc Belsher, Sliverback Advisors, and Yauger panelists at Game On: The Business of Sports and Cannabis in Portland


Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan’s son Payton Ryan will be coming to work for TetraTrak after he graduates from college in May.   “Every football fan is familiar with the Ryan family,” Yauger said.   “The Ryan family is to NFL football what the Kennedy’s, Clinton’s, and Bushes are to politics.  Rob Ryan gave me my start in coaching and was my mentor.  We want to do the same thing with his nephew Payton.”

The cannabis technology field is super competitive, and the business intelligence segment of the marketplace is filled with first rate players.  Denver-based BDS, Washington, DC-based Frontier and Seattle-based Headset only the most prominent of the canna-tech firms seeking to build go-to metrics and analysis for this dynamic new marketplace.  All the competition motivates Yauger to push that much harder, “I work 70-90 hours most weeks, and not one minute of it has felt like work.  Building Front Runner and MJTicker and watching my little company that started out of necessity grow and become relevant in the industry has been so much fun.  I can’t wait to take it to the next level.”


Dauntless and Front Runner Partner To Deliver Real-Time Data For Cannabis Industry

WASHINGTON: Cannabis technology providers Dauntless Software, Inc. and Front Runner, powered by TetraTrak,  have teamed up in an effort to deliver best-in-class business intelligence to their customers, the two companies announced last week at the Marijuana Business Association’s 2015 Washington Marijuana Producer/Processor Seminar in Spokane, WA.

As part of the partnership, Dauntless will deliver real-time data through its TraceWeed database to Front Runner, which will integrate the new information into reports and data to help producers and processors manage their businesses more efficiently.

“Customers shouldn’t have to wait so long to get data back from the state. TraceWeed can deliver real-time data while still protecting client confidentiality,” explains Dauntless CEO, Clark Musser. “Front Runner will provide the industry insights needed to increase the ROI for our customers, which is core to our mission as well.”

“We are thrilled to work with TraceWeed and Dauntless Software to push the envelope for efficiently generating unique insights from industry analytics, and distributing to our customers,” said Brian Yauger, chief executive officer of Front Runner. “By leveraging our best-in-class business intelligence platform, clients will be able to quickly determine possibilities and risks when making important business decisions.”

Both companies will offer a 15% discount ($615-$915 savings) on each license, though using both services is still voluntary and customers can choose to use one service if they wish.  TraceWeed customers can add on Front Runner reporting services for $79 a month and have full access to that reporting suite. Those reports will be accessible through the TraceWeed login and interface shortly after data begins to flow in early December.

Dauntless is now scheduling installations for signed customers. New customers can expect to be up and running within 30 days.

For information or to schedule a demo, email or call (206) 489-4942. Information can also be found online at

Peaceful Pot Rally 2.0 Set For May 2 In Easton

PENNSYLVANIA:  A Peaceful Pot Rally canceled due to a forecast of rain has been rescheduled for May 2.

Called Peaceful Pot Rally 2.0, organizers have scheduled it for 2:30 p.m. immediately following the Easton Farmers Market, which ends at 2 p.m. in Centre Square.

“No, really this time! Immediately following the farmers market in Center Square, join LVNORML,” wrote organizer Kendra Cooper on the rally’s Facebook page. “Get educated and stand united to change senseless marijuana laws in our community and our state.”