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50+ Second Careers in Cannabis: Meet NWPRC’s Jake Dimmock

“No matter what happens, I'll still be working with patients and part of the cannabis community.”

By David Rheins EDITOR’S NOTE:   As part of our series on 50+ Second Careers in Cannabis, we profile Jake Dimmock, master gardener and co-owner of Northwest Patient Resource Center, a leading medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle, WA. Jake Dimmock is an old-fashioned Southern Gentleman, and he looks the part. His wide grin and happy round Read the full article…

Cannabis Ambassador-At-Large: Marching For Freedom In Legal Seattle

Jake The Professor Speaks At the Seattle Cannabis Freedom March

By Jake The Professor Spring has finally arrived in Seattle, and the locals are beginning to come out from their winter roosts.  The Cinco de Mayo Weekend was the unofficial kick off of the summer season, with lots of local festivities, including the Seattle Cannabis Freedom March – very important to many of us in the cannabis community.  Read the full article…

Meet Jake The Professor: Cannabis Industry Ambassador At Large

Jake Dimmock in his West Seattle laboratory

By David Rheins WASHINGTON: Jake Dimmock wears a lot of hats. Literally. He also juggles a lot of roles and responsibilities in Seattle’s cannabis community: posing with customers and VIPs as the face of swanky pot shop Diego Pellicer; making the scene as the well-dressed social media gadfly Jake the Professor, broadcasting his live reports Read the full article…

Legal Marijuana Snuffing Out Eradication Program


OHIO:  The multi-million dollar federal marijuana eradication program may be on its last legs as more states legalize the drug and results of the program decline. Since 2010, funding for the program has been relatively stable, yet states receiving the money have reported 35 percent fewer arrests and 58 percent fewer marijuana plants seized. In Read the full article…

Blazing Trails: Black Doctor Seeks To Build Marijuana Empire

The drug that landed a lot of black folks in prison is now making legal fortunes for others.

NEW YORK:  Marijuana has been legalized in 23 states and Washington, DC primarily for medicinal use. The herb has been approved to tread a myriad of ailments including cancer, multiple sclerosis, seizures, chronic pain and anxiety. With this new industry growing steadily, many people are leaving the lives they know to pursue success with medicinal cannabis. Read the full article…

Is It Time To Take Cannabis Cocktails Seriously?

As a growing number of states take steps to legalize and decriminalize marijuana, bartenders and bud-tenders are coming together.

CALIFORNIA:  Alcohol has always been my drug of choice, since my very first White Russian. From guilty-pleasure drinks to perfectly crisp martinis, something about the ritual of making and sipping a cocktail had me sold early on. I never gave marijuana much love, and even in college I always chose watery beer over those fat, Read the full article…

Seattle Pot Producer Solstice Rolling Out 12,000 Joints Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

Solstice says the 12th Pack is filled with a special "Seahawks Blend," and hopes to make it available to Washington state's recreational pot users by next season.

WASHINGTON: A Seattle-based medical marijuana retailer is anticipating Seahawks fans will want a “super bowl” for Sunday’s big game. That’s why employees at Solstice are working to roll a staggering number of joints — 12,000 in all — for its special “12th Pack” promotion ahead of Sunday, when the Seahawks face the New England Patriots Read the full article…

Guest: Eliminate The Differences Between I-502 And Medical Marijuana Law

Reforming the state’s medical-marijuana law means all adults would have the same option to grow their own marijuana or purchase it from a store, and they won’t need a medical authorization for either.

WASHINGTON:  As medical marijuana heads back to Olympia, legislators are bracing for a rerun of last session’s drama of makeshift dispensary operators and self-appointed patient advocates decrying any effort to rein in abuses of the law. Lawmakers face many competing priorities, but it’s important they clean up Washington’s medical-marijuana mess. Before licensed marijuana retail stores Read the full article…

‘It Gives What We Do Legitimacy’: Medical Pot Sellers Push For Regulation

Seattle Medical Marijuana van, usually parked outside a dispensary on Fremont Avenue near the Woodland Park Zoo.

WASHINGTON: KUOW’S Ross Reynolds talks with John Davis, owner of the Northwest Patient Resource Center, about why we wants medical marijuana to be regulated by the state. Davis is also executive director of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, a cannabis industry group.

Cannabis Industry Kicks Off Business Summit

COLORADO: The tagline for this week’s Cannabis Business Summit in Denver is, “Where Commerce Meets a Revolution.” And in speaking with some of the several hundred people in attendance at the two-day event, billed as the marijuana industry‘s first big business conference, there was a sense of mission that isn’t usually found at most trade fairs. Read the full article…