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I-502 Accounting Basics: Avoid the Audit

NWMJLaw's Anne Van Leynseele leads the 502 Accounting Panel at MJBA Seattle

By Anne Van Leynseele, NWMJ Law WHO’S STANDING NOW; WHO’S STANDING TOMORROW We keep getting the same questions over and over from different clients so to save everyone’s time; we decided to share the answers with all of you MJBA members. GOALS OF THIS SERIES: To increase your business literacy. To help ensure that you Read the full article…

Managing Your I-502 Business Bootcamp is Feb 16th In Seattle

Managing Your I-502 Business is Tuesday 2/16 in Seattle

WASHINGTON: The Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) and Washington cannabis legal firm NWMJ Law have teamed up to present a series of business “bootcamps” tailored specifically to meet the needs of Washington’s licensed cannabis businesses. The bi-monthly series kicks off February 16th, 6-8:30PM  at the Factory Luxe (Old Rainier Brewery) with the fundamentals of  “Managing Your 502 Business.” Attorney Anne Van Read the full article…

No On I-502 Flashback, Part 2: It Will Set The Stage For Bad Legalization

I-502 brought major changes to cannabis in Washington, but those have come about from regulating a system that was never regulated in the first place.

WASHINGTON:  In Part 1: Feds Will Never Allow $600 Ounces, I showed how three years ago at Seattle Hempfest, leaders of the “No on I-502” campaign were making claims that pot shops would never exist and we’d never make any tax money in Washington State, but if we did, an ounce would cost $600 and never Read the full article…

I-502 Compliant Banking & Merchant Services Is Monday, June 29th In Bellevue, WA

WASHINGTON: If you have anything to do with banking or merchant services for Washington’s legal cannabis industry, you’ll want to make sure to attend the Marijuana Business Association’s Professional Education Seminar on I-502 Compliant Banking & Merchant Services, Monday, June 29th, 2015 1:00-4:30PM a the Red Lion Hotel, 11211 Main St. Bellevue, WA 98004. Featuring an impressive Read the full article…

Guest: Eliminate The Differences Between I-502 And Medical Marijuana Law

Reforming the state’s medical-marijuana law means all adults would have the same option to grow their own marijuana or purchase it from a store, and they won’t need a medical authorization for either.

WASHINGTON:  As medical marijuana heads back to Olympia, legislators are bracing for a rerun of last session’s drama of makeshift dispensary operators and self-appointed patient advocates decrying any effort to rein in abuses of the law. Lawmakers face many competing priorities, but it’s important they clean up Washington’s medical-marijuana mess. Before licensed marijuana retail stores Read the full article…

Sen. Kohl-Welles Wants to Lift Cap on Pot Stores, Merge Medical Marijuana Into I-502 System

Sen. Kohl-Welles says she plans to push legislation during the upcoming session to bring medical marijuana out of its current legal limbo into the existing recreation system.

WASHINGTON:  If State Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-36, Ballard, Queen Anne) gets her way, Washington pot laws are about to get a little less weird. Sen. Kohl-Welles says she plans to push legislation during the upcoming session to bring medical marijuana out of its current legal limbo into the existing recreation system—hopefully without forcing pot patients Read the full article…

Washington’s Leading I-502 Companies Showcased At MJBA Vendor Fair Seattle Summer June 28 & 29


Attention Business Pioneers! Start making sales and meeting new customers with a presence at the Marijuana Business Association’s (MJBA) Summer Vendor Fair, a 2-day trade show for Washington I-502 legal marijuana businesses. But don’t delay! The venue will accommodate only 25 exhibitors and this event will sell out quickly, so please reserve your booth today to ensure availability. MJBA’s Read the full article…

TNT Editorial: I-502 Dies If Marijuana Black Market Lives

As recreational marijuana outlets struggle through the state licensing process and an unstable supply of newly legal pot, the city has seen a boom of medical marijuana dispensaries.

WASHINGTON: The Washington Legislature’s one best chance to preserve the regulation of marijuana will come and go in 2014. If Initiative 502’s scheme for legal – but tightly controlled – pot retailing and farming flops next year, it’s likely to stay flopped. The marijuana black market has deep roots in a massive subculture of users, and Read the full article…

Medical Marijuana Shop In Ballard Closing Because Of New Rules Under I-502

Green Ambrosia, under the new rule, is too close too an elementary school.

WASHINGTON:  Green Ambrosia, the medical marijuana store in Ballard, is closing down this weekend because, the owner said, it would be in violation of the state rules set up for the sale of recreational pot stores. Green Ambrosia owner Dante Jones said his shop would be in violation of the I-502 regulatory system so, instead Read the full article…

Seattle Marijuana Zoning Vote Can Make Or Break I-502

If the most progressive city in the state, if not the country, can’t adopt rules to help decriminalized cannabis succeed, other cities won’t bother. Initiative 502 might be dead on arrival, and we can point to a lack of vision and disrespect for the will of the voters as the reason why.

WASHINGTON: On Monday afternoon, the Seattle City Council will vote on new zoning rules “to establish locational restrictions on the production, processing, selling, or delivery of marijuana, to modify the definition of food processing, and to modify existing allowances for agricultural uses in certain industrial areas.”