The Brain Behind Seattle Police's Social Media On Marijuana, Twitter, And Doritos

Seattle Police Dept. @SeattlePD

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WASHINGTON: Seattle’s Hempfest is the nation’s largest festival celebrating pot culture, especially the decriminalization of marijuana usage. This year’s Hempfest comes after the citizens of Washington voted to decriminalize and regulate pot statewide. Local police, though, are still charged with making sure that people use the substance in a smart way.

Update on Marijuana Zoning in Seattle

Marijuana in Seattle

SEATTLE: In the wake of the passage of I-502, the City Council is considering setting limits on where marijuana-related activity can take place in Seattle. Legislation to set zoning limits was discussed on June 24 at the Full Council, and eventually held under July 22. Four committee meetings were held to review the legislation, beginning Read the full article…