Public Health Goes After Seattle Hookah Bars – Bad News For Marijuana Clubs?

“Our investigation shows that these hookah bars are violating the law, and endangering the health of their workers and patrons. We are forced to take this enforcement action because they haven’t been responsive to our previous warnings,” said Dr. David Fleming, Director and Health Officer for Public Health – Seattle & King County. “Secondhand smoke is a proven killer, and state law works to protect everyone from this health threat.”

WASHINGTON: In 2005, Washington voters approved an initiative banning smoking in bars, restaurants … any indoor public place. And, while some have tried to get around the law by calling themselves private clubs, public health officials are taking action to shut those businesses down.

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper, Washington Gov. Insleee Call For Banking Flexibility For Marijuana Businesses

"In order to achieve the mutual federal and state goal of establishing tightly controlled marijuana regulatory systems, we urge you to issue inter-agency guidance that will allow legal, licensed marijuana businesses access to the banking system.”

COLORADO: Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee wrote to federal regulators Wednesday asking for flexibility in federal banking regulations so state-licensed marijuana businesses have access to the banking system.

Revised I-502 Rules Would Allow 10 Marijuana Retail Shops In Kitsap County

Jake Dimmock, co-owner of the Northwest Patient Resource Center medical marijuana dispensary, waters medical marijuana plants in a grow room, Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012, in Seattle. Washington state is on the verge of becoming the first in the nation to let adults over 21 buy taxed, inspected marijuana at state-licensed shops. Supporters of Initiative 502 say allowing recreational pot sales could make drug laws a little more reasonable, prevent thousands of arrests a year, and bring Washington hundreds of millions of dollars to help pay for schools, health care and basic government services.

WASHINGTON: Under revised rules proposed by the Washington State Liquor Control Board, a maximum of 334 state-licensed retail outlets for recreational marijuana — including 10 in Kitsap County — would be allowed under implementation of Initiative 502. Other licensing restrictions would prevent large commercial interests from establishing monopoly control of the marijuana production, processing or retailing sectors.

Pot Legalization Is Changing Image Of Women And Weed

Aimée “Ah” Warner, CEO and founder of Cannabis Basics, cooks up a batch of topical medications for pain relief, all legal. She has convened a group called Women of Weed because the marijuana industry and movement have long been male dominated.

WASHINGTON: The female marijuana plant, sold for its sticky psychoactive chemicals, is where the value lies in the pot industry. But the industry has long been dominated by men and can be crassly sexist, particularly in underground pot commerce. Women are relegated to supporting roles and sometimes blatantly viewed as sex objects, according to a study Read the full article…

MJ Freeway Sponsors National Cannabis Industry Association Events In Oregon And Washington


WASHINGTON: MJ Freeway will sponsor next week’s National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Cannabis Industry Reception in Portland, OR and Washington Educational Series Event in Seattle, WA. 

Roy, WA Waiting On Government’s Marijuana Ruling

The WSLCB, which will regulate and tax legally consumed marijuana, is expected to announce its ruling by Dec. 1. Due to the uncertainty, the Roy Planning Commission cannot study and complete its work to date, according to the findings of fact.

WASHINGTON: Because there are many questions and few answers, the Roy City Council on Monday adopted an emergency moratorium of six months “on the siting, establishment and operation of any structures or uses relating to marijuana.”

Seattle Online Tech Company Growing Big In … Marijuana

On the face of it, is just another Seattle-based Internet/tech company making big waves with big numbers. The difference is that Leafly’s content is all marijuana all the time.

WASHINGTON: Google or Bing “blue cheese” and you’ll get a surprise: Right at the top of your search results for that delectable food is a marijuana strain called … “blue cheese.”