Philly420: Is Pennsylvania Really Smoking $2 Billion Of Marijuana?

Pennsylvania has little to lose and much to gain if we can bring our state cannabis economy into the light.

PENNSYLVANIA:  Estimating the size and value of the underground marijuana market is difficult. But recently the RAND Corporation, a national policy think-tank, attempted to do just that for the state of Vermont. In a report issued last week, RAND explored a variety of policy options that might replace current prohibition laws. The authors also offered some Read the full article…

A Dozen Ways To Legalize The Marijuana Supply Chain, In Vermont Or Any State

Three members of a church that uses marijuana in its ceremonies have been ticketed for possessing a controlled substance at a National Park.

VERMONT:  Legalizing marijuana is not a binary choice. After months of research, the RAND corporation on Friday released a report for the state of Vermont exploring marijuana legalization and regulation there. The 218-page report, commissioned as a result of a May law, explores every aspect, option and pathway to legalization. The report breaks out 12 ways a state can regulate the supply Read the full article…

Vermont To Hold Hearing On Marijuana Legalization

Health care leaders and entrepreneurs are competing for five licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana in New York as patients seek improved access to the drug.

VERMONT:  A public hearing is planned this week on the possible legalization of marijuana in Vermont. The Wednesday hearing will be held statewide via Vermont Interactive Television. Earlier this year the Legislature ordered the administration to study marijuana legalization. A report is due in January. The state contracted with the RAND Corporation to examine issues Read the full article…

Vermont House OKs Legal Marijuana Study

Trisha Conti (left), senior forensic chemist at the Vermont Crime Laboratory, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

VERMONT:  The Vermont House on Thursday passed a measure calling for a study of marijuana legalization, while a Senate committee struggled to find a standard to determine when a driver is impaired by drugs. If the Senate and Gov. Peter Shumlin agree, the legalization study would be focused mainly on the fiscal impact of regulating Read the full article…

VT Speaker Ends Discussion On Legalizing Marijuana

Speaker of the Vermont House Shap Smith. Photo by Roger Crowley/for VTDigger

VERMONT:  House Speaker Shap Smith on Friday spiked a proposal to study potential tax revenue the state could earn by legalizing marijuana. The amendment would have asked the Joint Fiscal Office to study the revenue impact of legalizing marijuana, using Colorado’s pot tax as a guide. The Ways and Means Committee endorsed the amendment. Smith, Read the full article…

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy Welcomes US Marijuana Decision

Supporters of marijuana legalization say the Justice Department's action could set the stage for more states to legalize pot.

VERMONT: Vermont U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy says he welcomes a decision by the Justice Department not to sue to stop the states of Colorado and Washington from allowing the recreational use of marijuana.