Tualatin OR Effectively Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Amid Disagreement About Legality

A community forum at Brown University Tuesday night on marijuana was opened to "end the failed policy of marijuana prohibition and replacing it with a system in which it is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.”

OREGON: A divided Tualatin City Council effectively banned medical marijuana retail outlets, following Medford and Gresham’s lead, amid a debate about whether local governments have such power. Under new rules approved this week, businesses must be in compliance with all local, state and federal laws to receive a business license in Tualatin. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Read the full article…

With National Backing, Marijuana Advocates in Oregon File Legalization Measure

Paul Stanford, who owns a chain of medical marijuana clinics and sponsored the 2012 initiative in Oregon, is back with two more legalization measures.

OREGON: Backed by national donors, an Oregon pro-marijuana group on Friday filed an initiative with the secretary of state aimed at following Washington and Colorado’s first-in-the-nation ballot legalization measures. New Approach Oregon said it will first push for legislators to refer their new measure to the November, 2014 ballot.