Oregon Recreational Marijuana Initiative Nears Signature Target

A group that wants to legalize marijuana for recreational use in the town of York, Maine has collected more than enough signatures to get the measure on November's ballot.

OREGON:  An initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana use in Oregon could soon qualify for the November ballot. It needs a total of 87,213 valid signatures by July 3. As of Thursday, supporters had submitted more than 83,500 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office. The group New Approach Oregon is behind the initiative, which Read the full article…

Peter Lewis’ Family Leads In $250,000 Donation To Oregon Initiative Campaign

Once the process is complete, she will be able to legally say to an employer, landlord or anybody else who asks that she has never been convicted or cited for any drug crime at all.

OREGON:  A political action committee formed by family members of the late billionaire insurance executive Peter Lewis has given $250,000 to a marijuana legalization initiative that backers are seeking to qualify for the November ballot in Oregon. Lewis, who died last year, had turned Progressive into one of the country’s largest auto insurers and was a major donor Read the full article…

Law Library Offers Exhibit On The History Of Marijuana

The exhibit, titled “Reefer Madness: the Legal History of the Loco Weed,” takes a look at marijuana, its history and how the information about the drug has been manipulated throughout history.

OREGON: The John E Jaqua Law Library is offering an exhibit about the history of marijuana. The free exhibit is open to all UO students, staff, faculty and community members. The exhibit was put together by law reference librarians Kelly Reynolds, Jaye Barlous and others in the second part to a series about information destruction, manipulation and control. The exhibit, Read the full article…

Oregon House Backs medical Marijuana Amendment

Prosecutors will dismiss a total of 50 pending cases involving marijuana-related activities that will be legal when the new law becomes effective for possession and cultivation July 1, 2015.

OREGON:  The U.S. House narrowly passed a bill early Friday morning that would block the federal government from interfering with state medical marijuana laws — but it wasn’t a close vote when it came to the Oregon congressional delegation. All five Oregon representatives voted for the amendment, including the lone Republican in the delegation, Greg Walden.  He Read the full article…

142 Oregon Cities And 26 Counties Pass Cannabis Bans

Bend Bulletin

OREGON: Cities and counties across Oregon spent the past two months rushing to adopt temporary bans on medical marijuana dispensaries, after a new state law created a brief window for officials to pass the moratoriums. By the May 1 deadline, the map of cities and counties with moratoriums on the retail outlets looked like a Read the full article…

Oregon Rep. Blumenauer Campaign Ad Highlights Marijuana Reform

“They are controversial for some, but these are things that are going to happen and it’s going to be because Earl has worked to educate people and bring them together.”

OREGON:  U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Portland, is talking about reforming federal marijuana laws in a series of campaign ads released Friday. “Earl is passionate about these issues,” Blumenauer campaign manager Willie Smith said in a statement. “They are controversial for some, but these are things that are going to happen and it’s going to be because Earl Read the full article…

Oregon Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics Explores The Endocannabinoid System and Aging

The baby boomers are reaching retirement age; this conference will promote understanding cannabis as beneficial not only as a medicine for the ill, but also as helpful in preventing many health problems, keeping systems in balance and protecting us from stressors.

OREGON: Patients Out of Time will bring their clinical cannabis conference series to Portland, Oregon, offering professional training and continuing education credits for doctors, nurses, other health care professionals. Pre-conference workshops take place on May 8th at Portland University Place Hotel, with separate tracks for doctors, for nurses, and, new this year, for lawyers (offering CLEs), aimed at those who are Read the full article…

Oregon Marijuana Legalization Campaign Receives $100,000 From New York Heir To Fragrance Fortune

Van Ameringen, an heir to International Flavors & Fragrance, has also contributed to pro-marijuana efforts in other states.

OREGON:  New Approach Oregon, a group backing a proposed initiative to legalize marijuana, has just reported receiving a $100,000 donation from Henry van Ameringen, the New York-based heir to a fragrance company fortune. The contribution provides an important financial boost to a campaign that is just starting its signature gathering and had not reported receiving any Read the full article…

Oregon City Commissioners Approve Short-Term Moratorium On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Oregon City's business-license ordinance excludes any business prohibited by local, state or federal law. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

OREGON:  As expected, Oregon City commissioners approved a one-year moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. The five-member commission unanimously supported the ban on Wednesday. But the decision was largely window dressing. The city already has an effective, and so far unchallenged, tool that prohibits dispensaries.

No Marijuana Candy At Oregon Dispensaries?

That's right, no pot brownies at Oregon dispensaries!

OREGON:  The Oregon Health Authority has passed a draft rule that would ban the sale of any cannabis edibles “manufactured in a form that resembles cake-like products, cookies, candy, or gum, or that otherwise may be attractive to minors because of its shape, color, or taste.” That’s right, no pot brownies at Oregon dispensaries! If Read the full article…