I Don't Want Alzheimer's Disease

People my age should start with mj products! I don't want Alzheimer's, so I definitely need weed in my life.

Well my goodness, I do learn something new every day. Did you know the cannabinoid HU 210 has been shown to prevent amyloid beta-promoted inflammation? The endocannabinoids anandamide and noladin ether have also been shown the be neuroprotective against amyloid beta in vitro. That means blocking amyloids in early Alzheimer’s has a profound effect on Read the full article…

Seattle Online Tech Company Growing Big In … Marijuana

On the face of it, Leafly.com is just another Seattle-based Internet/tech company making big waves with big numbers. The difference is that Leafly’s content is all marijuana all the time.

WASHINGTON: Google or Bing “blue cheese” and you’ll get a surprise: Right at the top of your search results for that delectable food is a marijuana strain called … “blue cheese.”

New Medical Marijuana Club Hope To Spark Pot Debate At University Of Manitoba

Steven Stairs is set up at the University of Manitoba during student group recruitment week.

CANADA: A University of Manitoba student is hoping to spark a debate about all things pot by recruiting fellow students to join a medical marijuana club on campus — the first of its kind in Canada.

Ladies, Take Root!

Like our female cannabis plants, we all need to root ourselves firmly into the ground, nourish our bodies, get lots of water, grow into the light and sleep when it’s dark.

There is an ugly side to the Seattle cannabis movement. There are lawsuits and name calling, and narking and threats. People from other states probably think we lavish each other congratulatory back slaps with the passage of I-502. (That, in addition to smoking the very best weed in the entire universe, of course.) But no. Read the full article…

The News Tribune Opinion: From Justice, a serious approach to legal pot

U.S. Attorneys Jenny Durkan of Seattle and Mike Ormsby of Spokane are traveling to Olympia to speak with Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

WASHINGTON: After taking its own sweet time — almost 10 months — to respond to initiatives that legalized marijuana in Washington and Colorado, the Obama administration finally got it right.

R.I.P. Sweet Friend

When he told me last year that he had liver cancer, I immediately told him about Rick Simpson Oil. I begged him … please… I don’t want to lose you.

My friend of ten years died today. He had liver cancer, was 52 years old, and survived by a confused wife, five kids, and one grandchild. Cannabis did not save his life, because he wouldn’t try it. When he told me last year that he had liver cancer, I immediately told him about Rick Simpson Read the full article…