Poll: Utahns support legalization of medical marijuana

57 percent of Utahns oppose legalizing marijuana for personal use but 61 percent support allowing individuals to use marijuana if their doctor has prescribed it.

UTAH: A new poll of registered voters has found that Utahns are opposed to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use but are supportive of allowing the use of cannabis for medical situations.

How Many Medical Marijuana Patients Are There In The United States?

How many medical marijuana patients are there in the US?

A question that I get quite often in my e-mail inbox is ‘how many medical marijuana patients are there in the United States?’ It’s a good question with an answer that is hard to pin down. The main reason that it is hard to pin down is due to the State of California. I posed Read the full article…

Buzzkill: Medical Marijuana Popularity Threatens Legal Pot Push in Washington State

Competition from medical marijuana could cut in half the amount of tax revenue that Washington state receives.

WASHINGTON: Washington state’s new law legalizing pot is hitting a major snag from an unlikely source — medical marijuana. There is growing concern among state officials that as long as medical marijuana is largely unregulated and untaxed, its popularity will cut into the tax revenue expected when pot legally goes on sale for recreational use Read the full article…

Quest to legalize marijuana personal to Florida couple

For the Jordans, the quest to legalize marijuana is very personal. In the background, Florida Governor Charlie Crist talks about his support in the use of medical marijuana on Bay News 9’s Political Connections Sunday morning.

FLORIDA: Sunday morning on Bay News 9’s Political Connections former Florida Governor Charlie Crist talked about his support in the use of medical marijuana. It’s something Bob and Cathy Jordan were shocked to see when they turned on the TV. “I never thought I would hear him say that,” said Bob Jordan, medical marijuana supporter. Read the full article…

The Great MMJ Tax Debate

Washington State Recreational Marijuana Regs still being baked.

MJ NEWS NETWORK EXCLUSIVE. WASHINGTON: Black Diamond, a former coal mining town 45 minutes south of Seattle, held a great debate on the future of medical marijuana yesterday. The event was organized by MMJ Universe and it’s owner Deidre Finley, who have been on the forefront of Washington’s medical marijuana movement by providing a safe access Read the full article…

Coming out of the Pot Closet

Recreational Marijuana

I have to vacuum before my mother arrives from Arizona. I’m 40-something years old and I still want her housekeeping approval. While we’re close, and speak on the phone every week, we haven’t seen each other 1:1 for a while. I’m freaking out because I think she’ll have an aneurysm when I tell her how I’ve been Read the full article…