Mississippi Supporters Aim To Put Marijuana On 2016 Ballot

MISSISSIPPI: Supporters of marijuana legalization in Mississippi are making two broad arguments in hopes at least one of them will win over voters. One is about social justice. The other — and the one many volunteers along the Coast are focusing on — is money.

More than 800 volunteers, and counting, have fanned out across Mississippi armed with petitions and passion. If they can get more than 107,000 signatures — or more than 21,000 from each of Mississippi’s five districts — marijuana legalization will be on the 2016 ballot. If voters decide in favor of the referendum, Mississippi could go further in legalizing marijuana than any state to date.

“A lot of people are motivated because bad things have happened to their families because of cannabis laws,” said Kelly Jacobs, a longtime state Democratic operative who is sponsoring the initiative. “Or they want better things to happen with cannabis.

“Marijuana, for an enormous amount of Mississippians, is about wanting a choice.”

Mississippi House Passes Bill To Legalize Marijuana Oil With Tight Restrictions

MISSISSIPPI:  The Mississippi House of Representatives voted Thursday to make a medicinal marijuana oil legal in the state under tightly controlled circumstances.

The House voted 112-6 to pass the final version of House Bill 1231. The Senate still must approve the agreement before it goes to Gov. Phil Bryant for his consideration.

Thursday’s action was a significant development, though, because the House had previously rejected the proposal. The Senate already has agreed to a version of the language.