Cannabis To Be Consumed Legally In Public Next to Parliament

NORML UK will be holding a static demonstration close to Parliament on October 9, 2013.

UNITED KINGDOM: The national organization for cannabis law reform, will be holding a static demonstration close to the Houses of Parliament on the 9th October 2013, commencing around midday. The purpose will be to protest the discriminatory laws whereby a medical cannabis patient from Europe is legally entitled to consume their herbal cannabis medicine in Read the full article…

Pot Legalization Is Changing Image Of Women And Weed

Aimée “Ah” Warner, CEO and founder of Cannabis Basics, cooks up a batch of topical medications for pain relief, all legal. She has convened a group called Women of Weed because the marijuana industry and movement have long been male dominated.

WASHINGTON: The female marijuana plant, sold for its sticky psychoactive chemicals, is where the value lies in the pot industry. But the industry has long been dominated by men and can be crassly sexist, particularly in underground pot commerce. Women are relegated to supporting roles and sometimes blatantly viewed as sex objects, according to a study Read the full article…

Marijuana Legalization Measure Gets Go Ahead For Signature Gathering In California

The initiative aims to legalize the possession, use, cultivation, and sale of both marijuana and hemp.  Additionally, the initiative would have the Legislature pass new laws licensing and taxing the commercial sale of marijuana and regulating marijuana DUI laws.

CALIFORNIA: A new voter-driven initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in California has received approval from Secretary of State Debra Bowen to start gathering signatures to get the initiative onto the 2014 ballot.