OLCC April Commission Meeting Recording

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OREGON: The April Commission Meeting recording is now available on the OLCC’s website: AUDIO (1 of 3) AUDIO (2 of 3) AUDIO (3 of 3)   To download the text of the amended/adopted administrative rules approved at the meeting, go to: http://www.oregon.gov/olcc/Pages/laws_and_rules.aspx.      

The Legal Cannabis Market Expected to Witness Wider Adoption

Marijuana is big business

NEW YORK: According to a research report by Market Research Future, the Cannabis market in North America was valued at over USD 3.5 billion for the full year of 2015. Of that, the United States being the largest market in the region, was valued over USD 3 billion on its own. Marketing activities for cannabis products have been challenged by consumer perception and Read the full article…

Colorado Set To Prohibit Marijuana Co-Op Growing Operations

police groups and Hickenlooper, a Democrat, have called on lawmakers to curb the practice of assisting other recreational pot users.

By Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press COLORADO: Colorado was set Monday to outlaw marijuana growing co-ops soon after the state Senate unanimously approved a bill making it a crime for people to cultivate recreational pot for other people. The bill supported by the office of Gov. John Hickenlooper passed 35-0 but it was unclear when he would sign it. There Read the full article…

Colorado To Cannabis Retailers: How We Doing?

An amendment to allow banks to deal with marijuana businesses shows a clear trend toward a loosening of anti-marijuana sentiment in the government.

COLORADO:  The State of Colorado wants to be a better partner it’s legally-licensed pot shops, and in an effort to better understand their needs has tapped the expertise of Clear Voice Research to conduct a first-ever research study.  Designed to help inform how the Colorado Department of Health and Environment can be a better partner to Read the full article…

Revolution Enterprises Wins Preliminary Approval To Dispense Cannabis In Maryland


MARYLAND: Revolution Maryland Retail LLC received preliminary authorization to operate a medical cannabis dispensary in Maryland. Revolution Maryland Retail was awarded license pre-approval to operate in Maryland’s Senatorial District 34 following a competitive licensing process that drew 811 applications for up to 109 available licenses statewide. District 34 sits northeast of Baltimore along the Interstate 95 corridor, and encompasses a majority Read the full article…

Small Cannabis Companies Capitalize on Market Growth


NEW YORK: The Cannabis Sector has been heating up for a number of years now. In the past few years, there has been a huge surge in new companies stepping in because of user growth. According to a Gallup poll on August 8th, 2016, one in eight U.S. adults say they smoke marijuana. The report elaborates even Read the full article…

Las Vegas Places Bets on Legal Cannabis

Vegas bets on legal weed

NEVADA: Cannabis has always received the short end of the joint. Thanks to lobbyists and questionable government decisions over the years, the plant has been classified as a Schedule 1 drug, like heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. But the situation is slowly changing, state by state. The plant has already been legalized in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Read the full article…

Wink-in-Weed: Ladies and Gentleman, It’s Show Time!

f you have anything to do with the legal cannabis industry in Washington or Oregon, you will want to attend both CCC in Portland and CannaCon in Seattle this month. When you do, please stop by the MJBA and MJBA Women’s Alliance booths and say ‘Hi.”

By David Rheins February, the coldest and shortest month, arrives next week and that means the beginning of trade show season for those of us in the cannabis industry. Here at the Marijuana Business Association, we’ll be kicking off the month at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference (formerly known as the Creative Cannabis Conference) in Portland, Oregon on Read the full article…

Relief In Sight: WA Liquor & Cannabis Board To Consider Rules Changes

To the credit of the WSLCB, they have heard and listened to the comments, constructive or otherwise and are prepared to loosen some of the constraints that have held the Washington market back artificially,

By Myles Harlow Kahn WASHINGTON: I have been telling my cannabis industry clients and constituents for two years to be patient; the regulations which, to a great extent, have choked the development and growth of the legal cannabis industry in Washington, will loosen up eventually. Washington’s restrictive and conservative approach, which has purposefully stayed under the federal Read the full article…

Mass. Senators Learn The Ins And Outs Of Colorado’s Marijuana Businesses

The DEA along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Office of National Drug Control Policy announced they would review marijuana's classification after multiple letters from senators last year, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-New York.l

MASSACHUSETTS: It’s still early, but Fall River state Sen. Mike Rodrigues is eager. He’s grilling an Uber driver who was taking him to a high-tech Denver laboratory that extracts potent compounds from marijuana leaves. “You’re out and about driving, picking people up. Do you see more people under the influence when they get into the vehicle? Read the full article…