PatientsNotCriminals Press Conference In Utah 1/14/16

MMJ patients are not criminals

Published on Jan 14, 2016 via Libertas Institute UTAH:  Libertas Institute joins forces with a mass of patients for a #PatientsNotCriminals press conference to stress the need for the legalization of medical marijuana in Utah. Senator Mark Madsen’s cannabis proposal will be introduced in this coming legislative session.  

Marijuana Is Literally The Least Of The Nation’s Drug Worries, The Police Have Announced

"2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary."

America’s cops overwhelmingly do not see marijuana as a major threat to their communities, according to results of a survey released this week as part of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s “2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary.” The DEA asked a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 law enforcement agencies what they saw as their biggest drug Read the full article…

Las Vegas Police Face Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Medical Marijuana Arrests

"Ms. Rogalski, at the time of her arrest, held a valid medical marijuana card and had a valid medical marijuana waiver which allowed her to have in her possession, custody and control 15 ounces of usable marijuana and 49 marijuana plants," according to her lawsuit.

By Carri Geer ThevenotLas Vegas Review-Journal NEVADA: A former Las Vegas woman claims she and a guest were falsely imprisoned in 2013 after police searched her home and illegally confiscated her supply of medical marijuana. Courtney Rogalski, a medical marijuana patient who now lives in Canada, and California resident Westley McNeal filed a civil rights Read the full article…

Chris Christie’s Claim That He ‘Supported And Implemented’ New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Christie said he supported medical marijuana in a limited scope for certain patients. But he criticized the law for not being tough enough, and said he wanted to see it “tightened up a little bit.”

NEW JERSEY:  In New Jersey, we have medical marijuana laws, which I supported and implemented. … I’m not against medical marijuana. We do it in New Jersey. But I’m against the recreational use of marijuana.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), the second GOP debate, Sept. 16, 2015 Several claims from the second Republican presidential Read the full article…

Do Alaska Cannabis Regulations Allow For Chefs To Get In The Game?

Alaska's current draft regulations don't take into account the range of likely scenarios involving chefs and the things they might use cannabis for.

ALASKA:  Shawn, a chef (and expert punster), wonders whether Alaska cannabis regulators have considered his industry as they’re setting the initial boundaries of the legal market. “I would like to know how they plan to address edibles and establishments that sell them. Are they going to allow a restaurant or dinner club that is an Read the full article…

Massachusetts Attorney General OKs Marijuana Ballot Initiatives

Two ballot initiatives were approved by the Massachusetts attorney general on Wednesday, leaving it up to voters to decide whether pot smoking should be legal in the state.

MASSACHUSETTS:  Ballot initiatives from two marijuana advocacy groups were approved by the Massachusetts attorney general on Wednesday, leaving it up to voters to decide whether pot smoking should be legal in the state. The proposals, submitted to State Attorney General Maura Healey by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and the Bay State Repeal, Read the full article…

Denver Cracks Down On Pesticide Use In Pot Products

Denver health officials say they are holding marijuana products that show pesticides the state says cannot be used on cannabis.

COLORADO:  Denver health officials Tuesday began inspecting and quarantining hundreds of marijuana products because their labels listed pesticides not approved for use on cannabis. The move comes about six months after the city quarantined 100,000 plants at 11 grow facilities over concerns about pesticides. Although pesticides are widely used on crops, their use on cannabis Read the full article…

These Colorado Military Vets Are Suing Over Marijuana

Five PTSD patients from Colorado are suing the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment and the Colorado Board of Health for rejecting PTSD as a qualifying condition to use medical marijuana.

COLORADO:  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating mental ailment that affects people who have experienced serious traumatic events in their lives. It is typically found in people who have served in the military during wars, people who have been sexually abused, and people who have witnessed or experienced many other dreadful situations. People suffering from Read the full article…

CSU Researchers Test Hemp’s Heartiness In US

Colorado State University has started to research hemp by planting 17 varieties of hemp on just less than a half acre.

COLORADO:  Somewhere in Northern Colorado, just starting to peek out above the corn stalks that surround it, is an often misunderstood and recently approved test crop. Colorado State University is starting to research hemp, a plant with practical uses but which is also the same species as marijuana, cannabis sativa. CSU researchers planted 17 varieties Read the full article…

Want To Reduce Illegal Immigration? End The Drug War.

Addressing drug war violence in Mexico and Central America will help curb illegal immigration into the U.S.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Several GOP presidential hopefuls have over the last few weeks offered wildly extreme and generally unrealistic proposals for deterring illegal immigration — largely spurred by Donald Trump’s grandiose plan to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, then let a few of the “good ones” back in, all while building a Read the full article…