Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Bans Police Stops Solely For Suspected Marijuana

“Permitting police to stop a vehicle based on reasonable suspicion that an occupant possesses marijuana does not serve [the] objectives” of the law change, Justice Margot Botsford wrote for the majority.

MASSACHUSETTS: In a decision hailed by civil rights advocates and supporters of marijuana legalization, the state’s highest court ruled Tuesday that police cannot stop motorists solely because they suspect the vehicle’s occupants are in possession of the drug. The Supreme Judicial Court based its 5-2 ruling largely on a measure that voters approved in 2008 that Read the full article…

Long Beach, Other Cities, Given Leeway In Crafting Medical Marijuana Laws

“The MMRSA (Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act) makes clear that local public entities retain their current right to ban medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation sites, and related medical marijuana activities within their respective jurisdictions,”

CALIFORNIA: New legislation that would create California’s first comprehensive attempt to regulate the medical marijuana industry would give Long Beach and other cities considerable leeway to regulate the sales and cultivation of cannabis. Local governments could even enact outright bans on dispensaries and cultivation sites. Such is the view of the Long Beach City Attorney’s Read the full article…

Ohio Says Not So Fast On Marijuana Reform Vote

OHIO: Parts of the so-called “Sensible Marihuana Ordinance” conflict with state law and may not be enforceable.

OHIO: Local advocates for marijuana liberalization were celebrating Wednesday, the day after their campaign to pass a local ordinance received the endorsement of the Toledo voting public. But their euphoria is tempered by realization that parts of the so-called “Sensible Marihuana Ordinance” conflict with state law and may not be enforceable. “I’m on cloud nine,” said Read the full article…

Colorado Just Became The First State In History To Collect More Taxes From Marijuana Than Alcohol

Colorado Just Became The First State In History To Collect More Taxes From Marijuana Than Alcohol

COLORADO: No state has ever generated more tax revenue from marijuana than alcohol—until now. The Colorado Department of Revenue, according to recently released figures, just brought in $70 million in taxes relating to marijuana, compared to less than $42 million for alcohol taxes, over the course of a year. This Wednesday, Colorado is declaring a marijuana Read the full article…

First Legal Harvest Of Marijuana Fueling Gray Market For Pot In U.S. Capitol

Welcome to the first crop of legal pot in the nation’s capital — where residents may grow and possess marijuana but are still forbidden to sell it.

By Aaron C. Davis September 12 at 9:08 PM DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: In upper Northwest Washington, marijuana buds the size of zucchinis hang drying in a room once reserved for yoga. In the Shaw neighborhood, pot grown in a converted closet sits meticulously trimmed, weighed and sealed in jars. Elsewhere, from Georgetown to Capitol Hill to Congress Read the full article…

Missouri Marijuana Campaign Hires Top Political Consultant

Fundraising is key.

MISSOURI: A campaign committee in support of medical marijuana in Missouri has hired a prominent political consultant and started raising money for the cause, signs that a medical pot proposal might have a serious chance of making it on the 2016 ballot. Jack Cardetti, who worked on successful campaigns for Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon and Secretary Read the full article…

How Much Money Would Legal Marijuana Bring Ohio?

CBD and Legal Cannabis Market On the Rise

By Anne Saker OHIO: Just how much money will Ohio rake in should voters approve Issue 3?  Right now, friends, the best I can find is some educated guesses because no one has implemented a limited-grow model for legal marijuana, as Issue 3 would establish. But the guesses do contain the word billion: $2.26 billion: Total Read the full article…

Hallandale Beach Florida Has Approved Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Hallandale Lawmakers have unanimously passed a bill for marijuana decriminalization.

FLORIDA: Hallandale Lawmakers have unanimously passed a bill for marijuana decriminalization.  Miami- Dade started the trend with Miami Beach, Key West and now Hallandale Beach has followed suit. Police will have the option to fine individuals $100 if caught with a 20 grams or less of marijuana instead of jail time. Florida cities are steaming ahead towards legalizing medical marijuana in 2016

Black Lives Matter Organizers Call For Marijuana Decriminalization

Activists leading the fight to stop the killing of African Americans by police officers unveiled a series of policy proposals on Friday.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Activists leading the fight to stop the killing of African Americans by police officers unveiled a series of policy proposals on Friday aimed at converting the attention the Black Lives Matter movement has generated into fundamental reforms that could transform the way law enforcement interacts with the communities it is charged with serving and protecting. Included Read the full article…

ILL Gov Rauner Uses Veto To Call For Changes To Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Rauner said while he supports the "fundamental purposes" of keeping people out of jail and cutting court costs, such a significant change in drug laws "must be made carefully and incrementally."

ILLINOIS: Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on Friday used his veto powers to rewrite a bill aimed at decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, saying the measure that lawmakers sent him would let people carry too much pot and sets fines too low. Rauner said while he supports the “fundamental purposes” of keeping people out Read the full article…