Man Arrested After Posting Video Of Marijuana Garden Says Cops Never Found Secret Pot Farm

Bradley, who claims to have terminal cancer, said he made the video in an effort to help others who are suffering from similar illnesses and, like him, are not enrolled in the state's medical marijuana program.

CONNECTICUT:  A Connecticut man busted on a slew of drug charges after posting a video online that featured him walking through his marijuana garden said cops never found his secret pot farm during the recent raid. William Bradley, 46, was collared for a stash of drugs that included 2 pounds of weed, 20 grams of Read the full article…

Local Connecticut Officials Briefed On New Marijuana Program

He stressed the numerous restrictions the state is placing on the producers and dispensaries. Those include limits on how close a facility can be located near places of worship and schools, and restrictions on advertising and signage.

CONNECTICUT: Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection commissioner says licenses won’t be granted to businesses involved in the state’s new medical marijuana program if the applicants don’t have approvals from the local communities where they want to locate.

Department of Consumer Protection to discuss “substantive concerns” over medical marijuana

The Washington State Liquor Control Board, the agency setting up a system for growing, processing and selling recreational marijuana under an initiative passed by voters last November, approved proposed rule changes on the overall size of the state's marijuana crop, the number of licenses and amount of the drug the licensees can have on hand. The changes now go to a pair of hearings — one to be set in Spokane — in early October.

CONNECTICUT: Erik Williams is keeping an eye on the regulations review meeting set for Tuesday. That’s when the Department of Consumer Protection will meet to discuss “substantive concerns” about proposed regulations for Connecticut’s medical marijuana program.

Half of members on panel considering medical marijuana regulations voted against legislation

Though Connecticut's law took effect on Monday, Leto acknowledged it could be a year before the drug cultivation and dispensing systems are up and running. The statute calls for the Department of Consumer Protection to develop regulations to oversee all processes.

CONNECTICUT: Of the 14-members on the legislative panel set to vote Tuesday on Connecticut’s medical marijuana regulations, seven members voted against the bill legalizing marijuana’s use.

Connecticut Patients, Doctors Lining Up for Medical Marijuana Certification

Commissioner William M. Rubenstein

CONNECTICUT: Doctors are signing up on a daily basis to be certified for prescribing medical marijuana under the state’s new law. Patients are signing up too, but they may have to investigate a little to find a doctor because the state is not planning to release its list of marijuana-certified physicians.