New Gallup Poll: In U.S., 38% Have Tried Marijuana, Little Changed Since '80s

Fewer young adults have tried it today compared with in the 1970s and 1980s

NEW JERSEY: Even as Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana has doubled, and more than 20 states have loosened marijuana restrictions in various ways, Gallup finds relatively little increase throughout the past three decades in the percentage of U.S. adults who say they have tried marijuana.

The Mysterious History Of ‘Marijuana’

The House Judiciary Committee plans to move marijuana from the state’s list of controlled substances to regulated substances.

Marijuana has been intertwined with race and ethnicity in America since well before the word “marijuana” was coined. The drug, my colleague Gene Demby recently wrote, has a disturbing case of multiple personality disorder: It’s a go-to pop culture punch line. It’s the foundation of a growing recreational and medicinal industry. Yet according to the ACLU, Read the full article…

Should Pot Be Legal?

Jim Hill looks over the marijuana he grows for medical purposes at his farm in Potter Valley, Calif.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: America’s 40-year crawl toward legalization of marijuana is picking up speed. Twenty-six states have taken steps toward legalization, some quite bold. Just last week, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper made one of the biggest moves yet, signing a package of bills addressing how marijuana will be grown, sold, taxed, and used.

85 Percent of Americans and 40 Percent of The States Support Medical Marijuana Across The U.S.

85% of Americans support the use of medicinal marijuana.

Sliding across home plate… in a cloud of patriotic red, white, and blue dust…New Hampshire can proudly celebrate their joining the club of medical marijuana statesstretched across this great country. In true American spirit, they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the other 19 states, which have opted to break free from the federal grip of tyranny Read the full article…

If Marijuana Is Legalized, Who Will Start Using More of It?

Will grandma and grandpa toke up if it's legal?

Ethan Nadelmann, the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, doesn’t think kids and teens are going to start using marijuana more frequently if the drug is fully legalized across the country. The reason is simple: They can already get pot pretty easily.