Meowijuana Launches Catnip Product Line For “Cats Who Need the Weed”


MISSISSIPPI: Meowijuana, a catnip company, has launched a new product line that is creatively branded and plays on the euphoric “high” some cats have from catnip. The company sells 100 percent organic catnip that is available for shipping both domestically and internationally. Meowijuana’s legendary catnip is grown in Southern California and Washington State. Although the company uses the Read the full article…

Pot-Based Dog Treats: Owners Claim They Cure Pets’ Ailments

Some pet owners are claiming that hemp-based treats cure many of their pets’ ailments.

CALIFORNIA:  Some pet owners are claiming that hemp-based treats cure many of their pets’ ailments. The treats are infused with cannabinoids or CBDs but don’t have THC, so the animal doesn’t get high. One of the hemp-based treat brands called Treatibles has been used by some owners for anxiety or stress in their dogs. Andrew Mizia Read the full article…

Canna-Pet Introduces The First Cannabis Medicine For Pets

Two veterinarians and an MIT entrepreneur produce cannabidiol supplements from industrial hemp, specifically for pets.

WASHINGTON:  Two veterinarians and an entrepreneur from MIT have leveraged the high CBD content of industrial hemp and determined the proper dosages for pets, releasing supplements specifically for the health and well-being of cats and dogs.