San Leandro Leaders To Decide Fate Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Monday

If the council approves the draft ordinance allowing dispensaries, the ordinance will go to the city's Board of Zoning Adjustments and Planning Commission before returning to the council for final approval as early as November.

CALIFORNIA: Nearly a year after the expiration of the city’s moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries, the  San Leandro City Council will decide Monday night whether to proceed with a plan to allow and regulate the shops, or ban them.

Ammiano, Steinberg Throw A Medical Marijuana Hail Mary

SB 604 is a mashup of past Ammiano and Steinberg bills. It would create a new department to regulate the industry and codify as law the current state Attorney General's guidelines for medical marijuana.

CALIFORNIA: A last-ditch effort is underway this week to clarify California medical cannabis laws and get the feds off the state’s back. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and Senate leader Darrell Steinberg gutted and amended Senate Bill 604 on Friday and turned it into legislation that would regulate California’s medical cannabis industry.

Lawmakers Consider Medical Marijuana Bill To Protect California From Federal Raids

AB 604 would advance medical marijuana users’ interests by finally addressing the mandate of Prop 215 for a “safe and affordable” distribution system.

CALIFORNIA: The California legislature is about to vote on urgently needed legislation that would clarify the legality of medical marijuana sales, production, transportation, processing and testing through a state-regulated licensing system.

California: Assembly Considering Legislation to Restrict Use of E-Cigarettes and Smokeless Vaporizers

SB 648 would place vaporizers under the same stringent restrictions as tobacco cigarettes, banning their use in public buildings, restaurants, workplaces, hotel lobbies, and playgrounds.

CALIFORNIA: The California legislature is considering a bill that would ban the use of e-cigarettes and similar smokeless vaporizers in areas where tobacco smoking is banned (SB 648 – Sen. Corbett).

Join Americans For Safe Access At California Summer Lobby Day

California Summer Lobby Day is August 12th

CALIFORNIA: If you are in California and want to help promote safe access to cannabis, check out the message that I received below: We need more than one hundred people at the State Capitol in thirteen days to talk to lawmakers and staff face-to-face about medical cannabis. Will you be there? Register right now for Read the full article…

California Building Owner Forfeits $1,675,000 for Marijuana Grow

Forfeited property in Bakerfield

CALIFORNIA: Today the United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner announced the forfeit of $1,675,000 from an owner of two commercial office buildings in Bakersfield to resolve claims that the buildings were used to house marijuana retail stores and large-scale indoor marijuana cultivation operations.

MARIJUANA GROW HOUSES: How many plants are too many?

Landlords say they're faced with tenants who argue they have a right to use the drug in their home.

CALIFORNIA: Hopefully you will remember the story The Press-Enterprise wrote about the houses in Eastvale that had been converted into marijuana grow-houses. We also wrote about the Special Enforcement Team deputies who uproot these operations. Well, the other day we received an email from an anonymous person who mentioned these Eastvale farming operations and correctly pointed out Read the full article…