"Starbucks of Marijuana" Entrepreneur Coming to SF

House votes to make banking with marijuana businesses easier.

CALIFORNIA:  Can marijuana be made legal? And can it be sold in stores? Yes, it can, says one entrepreneur, who is scheduled to visit San Francisco on Monday along with former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Jamen Shively is a former Microsoft engineerwho has begun his very own premium marijuana retail brand: Diego Pellicier, Inc., according to SF Weekly.

Berkeley Fights Feds on Medical Marijuana

Berkley Patients Group

CALIFORNIA: On Wednesday, the city of Berkeley, Ca. filed a legal claim in a federal asset forfeiture case against the landlord of a medical marijuana dispensary in the city, Berkeley Patients Group. The city is working to keep Berkeley Patients Group open, claiming it will lose tax money as a result of the mandated forfeiture.  Read the full article…

How Humboldt became America’s marijuana capital

Humboldt Indoor Grow

BY EMILY BRADY  Excerpted from “Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier” CALIFORNIA:  Late one morning in the winter of 1970, when Mare Abidon was a young woman of thirty, with blond hair that streamed down her back, she stood outside her San Francisco apartment holding a cardboard box and prepared to say good-bye. The box in her arms Read the full article…

Landlord Challenges Feds in Calif Medical Pot Case

CALIFORNIA:  The feds never kicked down the door of Tony Jalali’s building and raided the medical pot shops that rented space from him. Letters were sent to him informing him that having a dispensary in his Orange County office building violated U.S. law and it could be taken from him. Once a lawsuit was filed Read the full article…