Partnership For A Drug-Free America Has Moment of Clarity: Concedes Marijuana War Is Lost

Partnership for A Drug-Free America

The Partnership for A Drug-Free America — a government-funded Drug War advocacy group — is backing away from supporting the arrest of 800,000 Americans every year for marijuana.

The 28 year-old New York group of advertising executives funded by major alcohol, tobacco, nicotine and pharmaceutical interests released a new survey this week called “Marijuana: It’s Legal, Now What?” Now, we don’t trust anything coming from a bunch of failed “this is your brain on drugs” propagandists, but we’re intrigued when they admit:

- “It’s clear that society’s views on marijuana are evolving dramatically,” said Steve Pasierb, CEO of The Partnership.
- 40 percent of adults polled in the partnership’s new survey favor ending the failed prohibition on marijuana.
- 70 percent support medical marijuana.

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  • Brown Sugar

    They now realize that people are not dumb. People knows all the bull the government put out was out and out lies about marijuana.

  • JodieLong

    I’m literally blinking back tears of relief-of joy! Oh the thought of not living in fear anymore is overwhelming-to get my husband the medicine he needs, to see others getting the medicine they need….Oh, the beautiful end of being stereotyped based on lies, deceit, and corruption would be a great day to be American. It’s been far too long that the users of this natural medicine have lived in metaphorical and literal prisons. We aren’t criminals. I am very ‘law-abiding’. Besides the fact that I smoke (and eat ..and advocate!!) cannabis. When I see a break-through like this, the fear dissolves more and more replaced by courage, hope and determination.

  • Carolyn Elizabeth Blake

    If indeed the Partnernsip for A Drug Free America is funded by alcohol, tobacco and pharma, then they really are the Partnership to insure our drugs are the only ones that are legal.