Guest Blog: 8 Unusual Flavors of E-Liquid You Have to Try

vaping comes in many flavors

By Katie Johnson

If you have been vaping for a while, then chances are you have been wanting to experiment with new and unusual vape juices.  Many beginner vape users often stick to tobacco or menthol flavors then eventually wander into sweet/fruity/unique flavors while they experiment.  If you are up for some adventure, then give these eight unusual flavors of e-liquid a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Bacon E-Liquid

Bacon e-liquid is a novelty flavour that you must try, especially if you are already a bacon-lover. This is a very popular e-liquid on the vaping market has a strong scent, and it is flavoured just like maple and brown sugar bacon. For most people, this is a vape flavour to keep on hand for occasional use instead of an all-day vape flavour, as it may get too much after a while.

Cucumber E-Liquid

The cucumber e-liquid is an extremely refreshing and satisfying flavour that will make your taste buds very happy. This flavour works as both a novelty flavour as well as an all-day vape. Cucumber e-liquid is a must-try flavour during the hot, sticky summer weather. Cucumber e-liquid can be mixed with many other flavours such as watermelon, strawberry, and peach. It also tastes quite delicious all by itself.

Roast Beef E-Liquid

Roast Beef e-liquid is another must-try novelty flavour. It tastes exactly like roast beef, so it usually is not used as an all-day vape, and it does not mix well with most other e-liquid flavours. This is a perfect e-liquid to keep on hand to vape with your friends every once in a while.

Clove E-Liquid

This e-liquid tastes exactly like clove. Clove is a strong e-liquid flavour and it is extremely reminiscent of those old clove cigarettes. Clove e-liquid pairs quite well with other e-liquid flavours such as apples, pears, vanilla, and cinnamon. Clove e-liquid is perfect for the cold holiday season. You can have all of the wonderful clove flavour without any of the tar or ash associated with traditional clove cigarettes.

Candy Corn E-Liquid

Just in time for the Fall Season, the Candy Corn e-liquid is an amazing novelty vape juice that tastes exactly like the classic candy corn! Candy Corn e-liquid is an unusual yet delicious blend that has strong butterscotch undertones. This is a great vape juice to keep in stock for occasional vaping with friends and this flavour is not usually considered an all-day vape flavour. Although some individuals with a sweet tooth might really enjoy vaping candy corn all day long.

Boba’s Bounty E-Liquid

Boba’s Bounty e-liquid is a secret blend of flavour. The ingredients are not listed, but most people that love Boba’s Bounty e-liquid state that the flavour reminds them of sweet treats such as brownies or chocolate cake. Most people are undecided as to whether or not Boba’s Bounty can be used as an all-day vape or if it is better as a novelty vape liquid. Either way, it is an extraordinary e-liquid that you must try if you are looking for some adventure.

Swedish Fish E-Liquid

Depending on your supplier, Swedish Fish e-liquid is usually made fresh when you order it. Most suppliers offer different blends and strengths of this particular vape juice. Swedish Fish e-liquid is a must-try vape juice and it is often used as an all day e-liquid.  It is an unusual flavour for vaping but many people really enjoy this flavour over countless others. Swedish Fish e-liquid really does taste exactly like Swedish fish!

Smurf Piss E-Liquid

Smurf Piss e-liquid has a clever name as well as an extraordinary taste. This is a fruity all day vape that taste like blue raspberry mixed with other berry flavours. Smurf Piss also has some amazing pineapple flavour undertones that combine perfectly with the blue raspberry flavour. If you have never tried Smurf Piss vape juice, then you are really missing out. You can use this vape juice all day or just occasionally with your friends.

Hopefully some of these unusual flavours may offer you something fun and alternative to what you usually opt for. Whether you want to try something as a one off, experiment with fellow vapers or switch to a new all-day e-liquid, test something listed above and see what you think!


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    Thanks for sharing such an informative post. Although Many people are lead to believe that vaping is just as, if not more dangerous than the conventional cigarette due to ignorance of the device, general safety of e-cigs or premium e juice, and their appeal to children, research shows that this is not the case.

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    Smurf piss. That just made my day :D I wonder how the sales are going for that one.

    I just know smurf cake from vape wild. That one is one of my favorite e-juices.

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