‘Donations’ For Pot: It’s $30 Per Gram At The Cannabis Cup, But Is This Legal?

COLORADO:  While sampling was rampant on the Cannabis Cup’s first day, you may be better off bringing your own. Out-of-state companies, along with Colorado businesses that don’t hold state licenses, were running low on samples by the end of Saturday after being swamped with visitors as the only outlets for free or paid samples.

Yes, paid.

One of the biggest lines on Day One stretched from the booth for Kurupt’s Moon Rock, which took a very unregulated-California (and illegal-in-Colorado) approach to the event. With every $30 “donation” to the booth, attendees walked away with a bandanna and a gram of their signature Moon Rock, what they call “the strongest bud in your galaxy.”

Multiple buyers confirmed the price and transaction details on Saturday and Sunday, and one of Kurupt’s booth employees, “GoldTeeth” Miller of Colorado Springs, also spelled things out for us.

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