Sipp Industries To Distribute “Major Hemp Brown Ale” In Colorado

hemp brown ale is a thing

CALIFORNIA: Sipp Industries has entered into a distribution agreement with Colorado Craft Distributors for the release of a hemp-infused beer throughout the Denver area.

Major Hemp, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sipps, in partnership with Denver’s Sleeping Giant Brewing, completed production of the initial 50 barrels, which yielded nearly 100 kegs of premium brown ale formulated with quality hemp-seed powder. The initial strategy is to supply Denver’s more highly populated and affluent establishments with inventory to gauge consumer response before determining a strategy for wider distribution.

“Our approach involves delivery into primarily the local target market, with a focus on thriving areas, where there is a high concentration of bars and pubs that have a relatively progressive crowd, patrons interested in innovative and emerging trends,” stated Ted Jorgensen, President of Major Hemp. “Then, based on the level of success determined, we can move forward with a much larger brew in preparation for expanded distribution and the possibility of bottling and canning.”

“Major Hemp Brown Ale” was skillfully brewed by contracted Sleeping Giant Brewing, a distinguished beerhouse that brews for over fifteen companies inside and outside of Colorado. By aligning with Sleeping Giant, Sipp Industries has control and own all legal rights and intellectual property to the hemp beer recipe. Because Sleeping Giant does not brew its own beer, the potential for any conflicts of interest with ownership and intellectual property does not exist.

As the proprietary Ale hits the Denver craft brewery scene, management anticipates a highly favorable outcome. In light of its successful unveiling at previous 4/20 event, having already received such favorable reviews for its appealing color and authentic taste, pre-production interest has remained relatively high. Working with proprietary water-soluble hemp powder, Jorgensen and Osterman determined that the Brown Ale style of craft beer blends best with hemp powder. This infusion provides a smooth refreshing taste while enhancing the beer with the numerous healthy attributes of hemp.

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