Sipp Industries Enters Strategic Partnership for Launch of “Major Hemp Brown Ale”

Hemp Brown Ale is Coming

CALIFORNIA: Sipp Industries has officially executed an agreement with the distinguished Denver based contract brewery, Sleeping Giant Brewing Company.

The distinctly formulated hemp-infused brew was unveiled at a successful Colorado 4/20 event, where it received favorable reviews for its appealing color and authentic taste. Major Hemp President, Ted Jorgensen, has closely collaborated with the owner of Sleeping Giant, Matthew Osterman, over the past few weeks. Together they have optimized the recipe development, formulation, and samples. Working with proprietary water-soluble hemp powder, Jorgensen and Osterman determined that the Brown Ale style of craft beer blends best with hemp powder. This infusion provides a smooth refreshing taste while enhancing the beer with the numerous healthy attributes that hemp is so highly recognized for.

The Company has funded the initial segment, securing a brewing run of 90 kegs. Pre-production interest is high, in anticipation of its scheduled production run in mid-December. Product availability is scheduled for January. Negotiations are underway, and initial sales are set to consist of kegs that are slated to be distributed across the affluent Denver craft brewery scene shortly after the first of the year. Once validated, Sipp Industries plans to embark on an aggressive strategy to bottle and distribute nationwide.

Jorgensen stated, “Matthew and his team run a first-class contract brewing operation. We highly expect that this partnership will enable the company to scale up to meet even our strongest anticipated demand projections. We are very confident with their capability to handle a strong start, as we perfect and launch the brand we wholly own.”

This is a significant milestone for the Company. Aligning with Sleeping Giant Brewing Company has enabled Sipp Industries to wholly own all legal rights and intellectual property to this hemp beer recipe. Because Sleeping Giant does not brew their own beer, the potential for any conflicts of interest with ownership and intellectual property is basically non-existent. Maintaining a 70,000 square foot facility just outside Denver affords Sleeping Giant the capacity to produce up to 200,000 barrels a year. Moreover, located in the heart of the Denver craft brew scene, it enables the Company to bolster brand awareness locally, and keep transportation costs down. This new partner also has access to local and national distributors, which will facilitate Sipp Industries with the benefit of full turnkey brewing and distribution capabilities.

For more information about Sleeping Giant Brewing Company, visit:

In addition to the Company’s hemp infused beer, formulation is underway on a Hemp IPA and CBD blend. Developments are continuing and the Company plans to keep investors updated as events unfold.

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