Moses Lake Hemp Event Postponed

Moses Lake Hemp event postponed

WASHINGTON: Welcome to the complexities of the lawful reintroduction of industrial hemp in the United States! Due to an administrative delay at Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances, which governs Canada’s industrial hemp program, Washington’s first legal industrial hemp planting seeds are unexpectedly still making their way across the U.S. border.

According to organizers, the delay is a result of Health Canada’s workload and limited staff, and is not related to deficient documentation or insufficient authority to obtain the seeds by either country’s requirements. Delivery of the first legal seeds is anticipated in the next few days, but we do not want registered participants or the media to expend valuable time and resources to travel to Moses Lake on May 24th as originally scheduled under any uncertain circumstance. The Washington Chapter of the Hemp Industries AssociationHempLogic USA, and Hemp Ace International will announce the rescheduled date immediately upon receiving the revised date of arrival of the seeds; and registration will re-open at Only legal industrial hemp seeds and plantings are supported by these entities, and we appreciate your understanding of these revolutionary times in Washington agriculture.

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