Historic Industrial Hemp Planting & Hemp Farming Educational Event in Moses Lake on 5/24/17


WASHINGTON: May 2017 brings with it the first legal planting of the versatile, valuable industrial hemp oilseed and fiber crop in Washington State in approximately 90 years. The Washington Chapter of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) will host a full day historic industrial hemp planting and hemp farming educational event in Moses Lake on May 24, 2017. Among other professionals, speakers include the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s (WSDA) Industrial Hemp Coordinator Emily Febles and internationally renowned hemp industry leaders Joy Beckerman, Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, B.Gs, P.Ag, and Jeff Kostuik, B.Gs, T.Ag, CCA. Ms. Hermann and Mr. Kostuik will present remotely via Skype from Canada.

The full day of expert instruction will include a trip to a legal industrial hemp field in Moses Lake to experience a hemp planting demonstration in which the WSDA will participate. Industrial hemp lesson topics will encompass the state and federal legal and regulatory framework of cultivation and processing, agronomy, soil ecology, farm planning, procurement of lawful seeds, infrastructure needs, and strength through cooperation.

Despite the recent passage of House Bill 2064, which removed industrial hemp from the State Uniform Controlled Substances Act, the cultivation of industrial hemp requires a license in Washington under RCW 15.120, much like farming a Dungeness crab requires a license. The WSDA has been given high praise from hemp industry leaders around the world for promulgating a federally-compliant hemp program that positions Washington to lead the U.S. in the promising economic and agricultural opportunities that hemp provides. There are a multitude of benefits and protections that come with federal compliance, and most U.S. States that have passed industrial hemp legislation have fallen short of implementing compliant programs, which compromises farmers and impedes the ability to develop successful commercial oilseed and fiber hemp markets.

This proficient hemp education event will provide factually accurate agronomic, regulatory, and business planning guidance, and seeks to dispel the widespread misinformation about industrial hemp available on the Internet and being dispensed by self-proclaimed hemp gurus. The event is sponsored by Moses Lake-based HempLogic USA, Washington’s premier industrial hemp farmer coordinating service and lawful source for certified industrial hemp seed, and the established Seattle-based industrial hemp educational and advisory firm Hemp Ace International.

The cost to participate in the event is $200.00, $125.00 of which may be used toward a Business or Farmer Membership in the HIA, which was founded in 1994. Pre-registration is required and tickets may be purchased at www.LetsFarmHemp.com. For the complete agenda and additional information, go to www.LetsFarmHemp.com or contact WA HIA President Joy Beckerman at joy@hempace.com.

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