The Dirt On Growing Green: Soil Texture & Composition

The dirt on green

By Sunny Kaercher Every grower has their own approach to cannabis. Varying techniques and products are plentiful, but one thing that remains constant is that healthy plants depend on healthy roots. This is the beginning of a series dedicated to creating and maintaining a vigorous root zone, also known as the rhizosphere. These articles will Read the full article…

New Study Explores The Diversity of Phytocannabinoids of Different Botanical Origin


An international team of leading researchers have paved the way to exploring the biomedical potential of phytocannabinoids, going beyond the THC structural motif and their occurrence in cannabis. SPAIN: In the first ever attempt to include phytocannabinoids from additional natural sources apart from those derived from C. sativa, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the University of Córdoba, Read the full article…

Twins Study Finds No Evidence That Marijuana Lowers IQ In Teens

“It's a classic chicken-egg scenario,” he says.

UNITED KINGDOM: Roughly half of Americans use marijuana at some point in their lives, and many start as teenagers. Although some studies suggest the drug could harm the maturing adolescent brain, the true risk is controversial. Now, in the first study of its kind, scientists have analyzed long-term marijuana use in teens, comparing IQ changes Read the full article…

Five Major Types of Extraction 2.0 Clarified

The most controversial part of the article was the section dealing with the alleged
toxicity of co2 extracts so I will address that first along with toxicity issues
regarding the other methods mentioned.

By Fritz Chess, Founder/Chief Scientist, Eden Labs WASHINGTON: I have been asked to respond to a recent article by Dr. Rien Havens in regards to the safety and efficiency of various Cannabis extraction methods. As the founder of Eden Labs, I have worked with all the methods in the article and our company builds extractors Read the full article…

Soap Lake, WA Resident Petitions Council To Embrace Marijuana Culture

medical marijuana

WASHINGTON: A Soap Lake resident is petitioning the city council to embrace marijuana culture and bring marijuana-related businesses into the city. Gary Gregg spoke to the council Wednesday night, asking the council members to consider taking advantage of legislation that permits and regulates the production, distribution and possession of marijuana for people 21 and over in Read the full article…

Gov. Hickenlooper Orders Pesticide-Tainted Marijuana Destroyed

COLORADO:  Colorado’s governor ordered the destruction Thursday of marijuana treated with unapproved pesticides, his first action on the matter after months of product recalls and media warnings about unhealthy pesticides on pot. The executive order by Gov. John Hickenlooper called marijuana treated with certain pesticides a “threat to public safety” and said it should be Read the full article…

Pacific Power, Portland General Electric Say Indoor Marijuana Grows Straining Oregon’s Electrical Grid

Pacific Power said Wednesday that grow operations have taken grids above capacity, blowing out seven transformers since July and causing outages and equipment damage

OREGON:  Indoor growing operations for legal marijuana businesses are causing problems for Oregon’s electrical grid, according to officials from a state electrical utility company. Pacific Power said Wednesday that grow operations have taken grids above capacity, blowing out seven transformers since July and causing outages and equipment damage, the Statesman Journal reported. The problems are a Read the full article…

CBD and THC: What’s the Difference?

There are numerous strains of marijuana out there, and each one has a different effect on the body. Sites like simplify the process of finding the right strain by allowing users to explore strains based on type, symptoms and effects.

CBD and THC: What’s the Difference? What is the difference between CBD and THC? Why is CBD preferred over THC in the medical community? We explore each compound and its effects on the body. Medical marijuana patients have a wide range of marijuana strains available to them. While most people are familiar with the strains Read the full article…

NY Times Book Review: ‘Stoned: A Doctor’s Case For Medical Marijuana’

He delivers a readable, absorbing and informative account, laudably minimizing the yucks and emphasizing the science, or as least as much as the data allow.

NEW YORK: Two-legged or four-legged, some guinea pigs have more fun than others. Among the human variety, Dr. John Clendinning and Dr. David Casarett might be considered particularly fortunate. Back in 1843 Dr. Clendinning, a London physician and bad insomniac, reported on his personal experiences with various sleep-inducing substances. The clear winner was a tincture Read the full article…

High Tech Times For Medical Marijuana In The US

In achieving this within the cannabis industry, an enormous opportunity exists for technologists to both standardize and create proper marketplaces within which to sell raw cannabis, as well as its derivatives.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 US states and it has prompted a market for cannabis related apps including those connecting producers with customers, delivery services and review sites. BBC Click‘s Sumi Das reports.