Congress Passes Pro-Marijuana Amendments; End of War On Weed “Within Five Years” Predicted

In the strongest sign yet that deciders in Washington may soon be ready to undo federal marijuana prohibition, both Democrats and Republicans voted to approve three pro-cannabis budget amendments — and came very close to approving a fourth in support of recreational marijuana.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: It was cannabis Wednesday in Congress, where lawmakers gave the strongest support yet for ending the country’s laws prohibiting marijuana use. In the strongest sign yet that deciders in Washington may soon be ready to undo federal marijuana prohibition, both Democrats and Republicans voted to approve three pro-cannabis budget amendments — and came very close Read the full article…

House Floor Vote To Protect States’ Marijuana Laws Pending In Congress

Jared Polis

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Members of the United States House of Representatives are anticipated to vote this week (perhaps as earl as Wednesday) on a series of amendments to a Justice Department spending bill. These amendments seek to limit the federal government’s intrusion in states that have regulated various aspects of marijuana production and access. Specifically, Representatives Tom McClintock Read the full article…

Dem Predicts Pot Will Be Legal In Five Years

"I fully expect within the next five years that it will be rescheduled, or delisted and I think we will have a system where states around the country will be able to do what they want with marijuana and I think this is going to be all over within five years," Blumenauer said in an on-camera interview.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: A Democratic lawmaker is predicting that the federal government will decriminalize marijuana within the next five years. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) tells The Hill that “the decriminalization train has left the station,” and marijuana will be removed as a Schedule I controlled substance — where it is currently listed alongside substances like heroin. Read the full article…

Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana Introduced In The House

"Polls show that at least 86 percent of Americans say medical marijuana should be available," said Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, in an interview with CBS News.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: A bipartisan effort to legalize medical marijuana at the federal level is now underway in both Houses of Congress, and its sponsors acknowledge they face an uphill climb to passage – but they believe the public is on their side. “Polls show that at least 86 percent of Americans say medical marijuana should Read the full article…

Barbara Boxer and Dean Heller Back Federal Legalization Of Medical Marijuana In States That Allow It

"The time has come for the federal government to stop impeding the doctor-patient relationship in states that have decided their own medical marijuana policies,"

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The CARERS Act, which would make the federal ban on marijuana inapplicable to people who comply with state laws allowing medical use of the plant, has attracted a couple of interesting cosponsors since it was introduced last week. Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) signed on last Wednesday, and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) joined him yesterday. Both represent states with Read the full article…

Senators Push Bill To End Federal Ban In States With Approved Medical Marijuana

The bill would prevent federal law enforcement from prosecuting patients, doctors and caregivers in states who have approved the use of medical marijuana.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Two local U.S. senators introduced a bill on Sunday that would end a federal ban in states where medical marijuana has been made legal. Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) were joined by five New York and New Jersey families who would benefit from the legislation; families who they say should be Read the full article…

US Congressman Steve Cohen Sponsors Medical Marijuana Bill

Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen is sponsoring a medical marijuana bill.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: US Representative for Tennessee’s 9th congressional district Steve Cohen discusses his push for a bipartisan bill that would legalize a compound in marijuana used for treating severe epilepsy.

The New Clash Over Cannabis

“It’s gone from a slow burn to a hot, cauldron bubble,” Douglas Berman, a law professor at Ohio State University, said of tensions over cannabis policy.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The Obama administration and many congressional Republicans have been loath to go anywhere near the experiment with marijuana legalization in Colorado and other states. But pressure is mounting on Washington to take a stand on pot, and perhaps soon. In a lawsuit filed last month with the U.S. Supreme Court, attorneys general of Read the full article…

Can Congress Get Stoned If D.C. Legalizes Marijuana?

“Being able to legalize [it] in the backyard of Congress would make it crystal clear for Congress members that the sky doesn’t fall when you legalize marijuana."

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  When the District of Columbia Board of Elections agreed to put an initiative on the November 4 ballot that would legalize marijuana in the district, they prompted an interesting question: Will Congress be allowed to get stoned? The short answer is—yes. If passed, Initiative 71 will allow D.C. residents above the age Read the full article…

White House Says Marijuana Policy Is States’ Rights Issue

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) called Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) a "tyrant" for meddling in the District's governing process with the amendment, pointing out that Maryland just voted to decriminalize marijuana possession.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The Obama administration believes marijuana policy is a states’ rights issue, the White House said Monday in opposing Republican-led legislation that would prevent Washington, D.C., from using local funds to decriminalize marijuana possession. The GOP-sponsored House amendment would prevent D.C. “from using its own local funds to carry out locally-passed marijuana policies, which again undermines the principles Read the full article…