Hashville Skyline: How Did Weed and Country Music Get So Cozy?

Nashville supergirlgroup Pistol Annies

If you hear a song called “Hush Hush” on country radio this spring, you might not catch every word, but you’ll likely get the drift. As the lead single from Annie Up, the new record from Nashville super girl group, Pistol Annies, the track orbits a jaw-clenched family Christmas dinner where everyone’s trying to pretend like Read the full article…

‘Project SAM’ Aims to Educate on Marijuana Issues

Former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy, chairman of Project SAM

MASSACHUSETTS: “Misconceptions about marijuana are becoming more and more prevalent, especially in Massachusetts, a state with some of the highest levels of youth marijuana use in the nation” said former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Project SAM chairman. “It’s time to clear the smoke and get the facts out about this drug.”