For patients like me, marijuana is a necessity

Though cannabis for medical purposes became legal in the District (where I live) in 2010, the city-sanctioned dispensaries that can supply it are only now inching closer to opening their doors.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: My breast cancer diagnosis at age 26 was an unwelcome and at times harrowing experience. What allowed me to endure the darkest days was the hope that my rigorous treatment — chemotherapy, surgeries and radiotherapy among them — would allow me to once again live a full and healthy life. It’s what propelled Read the full article…

Smoke Pot, Lose Weight?

“A regimen of regular pot use, in lieu of alcohol and combined with a healthy diet and exercise, may be the most effective weight loss program ever devised.”

In 2005, a team of medical researchers at the University of Florida published a small study which seemed to turn cannabis science on its head. Examining the charts of female adults who had been referred for obesity/weight management over a 12-month period, they found a clear inverse correlation between Body Mass Index (BMI, a common measure of Read the full article…

Pot Smoking Lottery Winner, Bob Erb Shows 420 Spirit – Leaves $10,000 Tip For Cooks Ailing Daughter

Who, but a compassionate (and financially secure) Stoner, would leave a $10,000 tip for a greasy burger and some fries? Not many… I’d be willing to guess.

Who, but a compassionate (and financially secure) Stoner, would leave a $10,000 tip for a greasy burger and some fries? Not many… I’d be willing to guess. Fortunately for Clifford Luther, the owner of a burger joint named Old West Express, Bob Erb is just that type of empathetic pothead. CANADA: On a recent road trip Read the full article…

How Green is Your Green? Pot’s Terrible Environmental Record

Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier By Emily Brady

By Emily Brady CALIFORNIA: You care about where your eggs and beef and lettuce comes from but what about your pot? Emily Brady on marijuana growers’ dismal environmental record—and why regulation can clean it up.

Stoner Sundae: How to Make Weed Ice Cream

A star pastry chef explains how to have your ice cream and get high too

Considering the end goal, making marijuana edible can be a comically precise process, often entrusted to industrious professionals or abandoned midway by stoned hobbyists. Pastry chef Katy Peetz, formerly of Roberta’s in Brooklyn, has developed a polished recipe for giggle-inducing, weed-infused ice cream. Her method requires a home ice cream machine and some patience. But if Read the full article…

Book studies 'Marijuana's Frontier'

Wildflower Marijuana Inc. is applying to Health Canada to license its two medical marijuana production facilities in the Nanaimo region.

By PATRICK GAVIN As several states around the country wrestle with issues regarding marijuana legalization, reporter and writer Emily Brady’s new book, “Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier,” could help educate Americans on what happens in a community based around marijuana. Brady spent a year living in Humboldt County in Northern California, which has subsisted largely Read the full article…