It’s 4/20 And Songwriter Tim Brickley Thinks of Mary Jane

Keep Calm Its 420

INDIANAPOLIS: It comes once a year, and twice a day. Today is April 20th, or 4/20, the unofficial stoner holiday.  The social media corridors are chock full of cannabis-infused memes. Here are a couple of our favorites to help you celebrate your special day.  

Medical Cannabis Education: The Healing Power of Knowledge Comes To TV

Kerri Accardi started AK Ventures in memory of her Aunt Kathy.

CALIFORNIA - AK Ventures, a social purpose corporation servicing the cannabis industry, has announced its latest media project, ”Medical Cannabis: The Healing Power of Knowledge”, a 30-minute series that the company intends to distribute via the major television broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox. According to company founder Kerri Accardi, the show is intended to inform and educate Read the full article…

Drug Traffickers Secretly Shipping Mass Quantities Of Weed Out Of Colorado

These cases and others confirm a longstanding fear of marijuana opponents that the state's much-watched experiment in legal pot would invite more illegal trafficking to other states where the drug is still strictly forbidden.

COLORADO: Seeking a safe haven in Colorado’s legal marijuana marketplace, illegal drug traffickers are growing weed among the state’s sanctioned pot warehouses and farms, then covertly shipping it elsewhere and pocketing millions of dollars from the sale, according to law enforcement officials and court records consulted by The Associated Press. In one case, the owner of Read the full article…

New Party Bus In Denver Caters To Pot Smokers

The company does not give people pot — they have to bring their own.

COLORADO: The High There! Hopper is a free mobile marijuana lounge. The owners say the goal is to keep people off the road who are using pot. They say the bus is completely legal. The company does not give people pot — they have to bring their own. “This is what freedom looks like in Colorado Read the full article…

Charity Gives Free Marijuana Joints To Homeless In Denver On Christmas Eve

“Merry Christmas and a puff puff New Year’s!” said one woman who accepted a joint from the Cannabis Can volunteers, a local ABC affiliate reported.

COLORADO: A nonprofit in Denver, Colorado, gave away thousands of free, pre-rolled marijuana joints to the homeless and anyone else who wanted one on Christmas Eve, in an out-of-the box attempt to raise awareness about homelessness. “Merry Christmas and a puff puff New Year’s!” said one woman who accepted a joint from the Cannabis Can volunteers, a Read the full article…

Law Enforcement Backs Legalizing Marijuana In Florida

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and the ACLU said 40 percent of all drug arrests are related to marijuana.

FLORIDA:  The fight to legalize marijuana continues in Florida, but this time, some law enforcement officials are supporting the idea. At the Collier County Library located off Airport Road, a small group gathered to discuss the benefits of recreational and medical marijuana. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and the ACLU said 40 percent of all drug arrests are related to marijuana. They believe law Read the full article…

Pot Pupils: Arizona Online College Introducing Class On Marijuana

“We have other courses that are in development that will go into detail in each of the areas covered in the [survey] course,” Burton said.

ARIZONA: An online college based in Phoenix is introducing a new class on marijuana and careers related to the drug. The survey course at Dunlap-Stone University, HCA-172, will allow students to learn about the modern cannabis industry. It is intended to provide an objective view of a topic that has been the source of many myths Read the full article…

A Rap About Putting Pot In Your Latkes Will Get You In The Hanukkah Spirit

You might make your latkes with cheese, onions, or sweet potatoes — but musician Abby Dorsey would encourage you to add some weed.

Everyone knows that latkes are the single greatest savory holiday food. It’s an undisputed fact. The oily, fried, delicious potato pancakes are traditionally served during Hanukkah, and everyone looks forward to them. Since the ingredient list to make latkes is fairly short, it’s easy to spice them up with a little something extra. You might make your Read the full article…

Star Leaf Film Sponsors Cannabis Space Launch

Rocket Man: Star Leaf's Richard Cranor has his head in the stars

WASHINGTON: The creators of the stoner alien sci-fi film “Star Leaf” are having a contest to promote a RocketStar space launch at NASA’s Cape Canaveral 39c Launch Pad in the coming weeks. The launch will be filmed by Discovery Channel Canada. According to a recent article in Popular Mechanics, RocketStar technologies out of New York City Read the full article…

Women Leaders in Cannabis finds group to take Thanksgiving donations

When WLC said they wanted to donate food baskets, Autism Rocks was excited to receive them.

OREGON:  A nonprofit trade organization based on philanthropy has reached out to help during the holiday – but had the offer turned down. The group, “Women Leaders in Cannabis,” says it’s been denied several times. The Eugene office of the Oregon Department of Human Services and two charities said “no” when the group wanted to donate turkey Read the full article…