Hemp Oil Hustlers: A Project CBD Special Report On Medical Marijuana Inc., HempMeds And Kannaway

Our investigation proceeded in an unanticipated direction, involving analytical lab tests, hemp oil production tours, and a crash course in scientific data regarding toxic solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants. We have presented our findings in this report.

A half year ago, Project CBD assigned a writer to investigate and report on Medical Marijuana Inc., a penny stock umbrella company that markets “hemp oil” products infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a medicinal component of the cannabis plant. Originally we had hoped to shed light on the complex financial machinations of Medical Marijuana Inc., a Read the full article…

What’s Up With The Multi Level Marketing Of Hemp-Derived CBD?

So what’s the real deal with Kannaway?

If you’re involved in any way in the Cannabis industry – whether you’re a patient, advocate, or cannabis business person – chances are, you’ve heard about Kannaway, or its “Buzz Launch,” or Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), or hemp vape, or Hemp Meds Px, or Medical Marijuana Inc., or CannVest, or all of the above. Read the full article…

Stevia Enters Hemp Industry with ‘Real Hemp’

Fort Lupton's PureVision Technology wants to process hemp stalks for consumer-product manufacturing and plans large-scale biorefinery in Oregon.

INDIANA: Stevia Corp., a farm management company focused on the economic development of products that support healthy lifestyle, is expanding its business into legal hemp. In a press release, the  company announced plans to participate in the successful growth of the hemp industry and particularly hemp seeds, oils and related products which are growing in popularity. Read the full article…

Oil Composition Boost Makes Hemp A Cooking Contender

Researchers in the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP) in the Department of Biology at York say that high oleic acid varieties are a major step towards developing hemp as a commercially attractive break crop for cereal farmers. The research is published in Plant Biotechnology Journal.

GREAT BRITAIN:  Scientists at the University of York today report the development of hemp plants with a dramatically increased content of oleic acid. The new oil profile results in an attractive cooking oil that is similar to olive oil in terms of fatty acid content having a much longer shelf life as well as greater Read the full article…

Hemp: Your New Secret Beauty Ingredient

Lately hemp seed oil has been all the rage and has caught our attention.  It’s not new – in fact – people have been using it and enjoying its practical miracle benefits for (literally) thousands of years.

Hemp seed oil, the beauty wonder used for thousands of years for it’s beautifying properties, is poised to solve your beauty woes. Lately hemp seed oil has been all the rage and has caught our attention.  It’s not new – in fact – people have been using it and enjoying its practical miracle benefits for Read the full article…

Hemp Seeds Promoted As The Next Superfood

As awareness about industrial hemp and its health benefits spreads — even Dr. Oz and Oprah have come out as hemp seed fans — more people are incorporating hemp into their everyday diets.

KANSAS: It seems like every few months a new superfood sprouts up and works its way into almost every aisle at the grocery store. Quinoa pasta, almond milk, chia-seed granola bars, flax cereal and kale chips are a few examples. One of the newest hot superfoods might surprise you. Hemp seeds are now used to make everything Read the full article…

Hemp Declared Next ‘It’ Food; Finally Overcomes Marijuana Misnomer

Hemp takes many forms and has many beneficial uses

Hemp does give a damn about its bad reputation. This particularly trusty strain of Cannabis has been besmirched by its illicit cousin marijuana, a cultivar of Cannabis that is smoked for recreational purposes. Hemp has a microscopic and harmless amount of THC—the chemical in marijuana that gets you high—and has an extremely versatile skill set.