Washington Industrial Hemp Bill Starts Process Of Creating State Program

Hemp Ace's Joy Beckerman explains the new Hemp law to MJBA members.

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) is preparing to create an industrial hemp research licensing program now that legislation has been approved allowing a research program for industrial hemp. The bill, ESSB 6206, directs WSDA to design a program to license researchers and certify industrial hemp seed. This process is expected to take some time. Licenses for Read the full article…

Hemp Crops Coming To New York As Early As Spring?

Two state lawmakers from the Southern Tier sponsored bills to get trial plantings started: Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, D-Endwell, and Sen. Tom O'Mara, R-Elmira.

“We are on the frontier of a major new industrial crop, and that’s why I’ve been pushing New York to get out in front of it,” Lupardo said.

Federal law was changed in the 2014 national farm-policy bill to allow states to permit hemp research. Lupardo and O’Mara sponsored bills in New York to do just that. The measure was adopted with near-unanimous support, but rules governing the experiments were not adopted in time for the 2015 growing season.

NEW YORK: The state Department of Agriculture and Markets has developed proposed regulations to govern experimental growing of a cultivar of cannabis, the plant most known today as the source of marijuana. Industrial hemp, as it’s sometimes known, has too little of the active ingredient  tetrahydrocannabinol, often referred to as THC, to produce a recreational Read the full article…

Legalizing Weed: Key Players In Utah’s Legalization Of Industrial Hemp Farming

The federal government removed some of the restrictions on industrial hemp farming with the 2014 Farm Bill.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/FastFeatures/legalizing-weed-Utah-industrial-hemp-farming/2015/11/22/id/703183/#ixzz3sKhNneKE 
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UTAH: For decades, it was illegal to grow hemp in the United States because of the plant’s relationship to the marijuana drug. However, hemp is not itself a drug, and many states, including Utah, have begun legalizing hemp production because of the benefits offered to farmers, manufacturers, and the economy. The federal government removed some of the Read the full article…

Menominee Tribe Files Lawsuit Over Hemp Raid

The DEA has said the tribe wasn't growing industrial hemp.

WISCONSIN: Less than a month after its land was raided, the Menominee Indian Tribe has filed a lawsuit against the DEA and Department of Justice. The tribe wants to clarify whether it’s legal for it to grow industrial hemp on its reservation, which the tribe considers to be equal to a state. “We still stand Read the full article…

Pennsylvania House Could Take Up Bill Allowing Research Into Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp production stopped in 1937 when the Marijuana Tax Act was passed. Hemp has been illegal since 1970 when the Controlled Substances Act passed, as hemp comes from the cannabis plant.

PENNSYLVANIA: A state House panel moved a bill that paves the way for research into industrial uses of hemp research After approval by the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, the bill now moves to the House floor. The measure would allow university researchers and programs administered by the Department of Agriculture to study industrial hemp Read the full article…

Will Pennsylvania Farmers Be Allowed To Grow Hemp Again?

Diamond introduced House Bill 967 to create a pilot program for industrial hemp research. The plant could be grown in special programs under the Department of Agriculture and at universities.

PENNSYLVANIA: A black and white picture from Hanover, Pennsylvania circa 1908 shows a farmer harvesting his field of hemp. Thirty years later, it was illegal to grow the plant. “Hemp was grown in Pennsylvania for hundreds of years and all of sudden, in the reefer madness craze of the 1930s, it got taken off the availability Read the full article…

Tennessee Farmers Seeing Mixed Results With Industrial Hemp Pilot Program

50 farmers involved in the pilot program

TENNESSEE:  Some farmers have seen mixed results with the state’s industrial hemp pilot program. According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, this is the first time in more than 70 years that farmers can grow hemp legally. Elias Rasmussen is one of 50 farmers involved in the pilot program. He’s not your average farmer and Read the full article…

Patients, Growers Consider Hemp Oil Law In Vermont

Recent publicity about children who suffer from seizures benefitting from oil extracted from marijuana that has almost no THC has set off a wave of legislation like never seen before.

VERMONT: Shelly Waterman was looking for a miracle that could cure her daughter’s seizures. Her daughter Hannah, 13, has neurological disorders. She has experienced seizures multiple times each day for most of her life. Two years ago, doctors diagnosed her with a rare and severe type of epilepsy that causes various types of seizures. “We’ve been on Read the full article…

Marijuana And Hemp Growers Duke It Out In Oregon Legislature

Marijuana and hemp growers duke it out in Oregon Legislature

OREGON:  Depending on who’s talking, a 20-acre hemp farm about 10 miles south of Grants Pass is either the harbinger of a new industry that could help save rural Oregon – or an existential threat to local marijuana farmers just as they’re anticipating boom times. Hemp, the non-intoxicating version of cannabis sativa, has long been Read the full article…

Could Hemp Lead To Legal Marijuana?

A state senator fears recreational marijuana use will be close behind if hemp is legalized.

MINNESOTA:  If Minnesota approves limited industrial hemp growth, a state senator with a long-time law enforcement background fears recreational marijuana use will be close behind. “To me, it is baby steps toward recreational marijuana and I think we will find that out by the end of the session,” Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, said April 8 Read the full article…