Stoned at Church

Praying High to a Higher Power

I don’t normally get high before going to church, but I had just come from a business meeting about weed, so naturally I smoked weed. I’m not a real religious person, but I attend services regularly because I get to see my pretty 22 year-old daughter. Since she moved away to an evangelical Christian college Read the full article…

How Green is Your Green? Pot’s Terrible Environmental Record

Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier By Emily Brady

By Emily Brady CALIFORNIA: You care about where your eggs and beef and lettuce comes from but what about your pot? Emily Brady on marijuana growers’ dismal environmental record—and why regulation can clean it up.

How Humboldt became America’s marijuana capital

Humboldt Indoor Grow

BY EMILY BRADY  Excerpted from “Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier” CALIFORNIA:  Late one morning in the winter of 1970, when Mare Abidon was a young woman of thirty, with blond hair that streamed down her back, she stood outside her San Francisco apartment holding a cardboard box and prepared to say good-bye. The box in her arms Read the full article…

The Great MMJ Tax Debate

Washington State Recreational Marijuana Regs still being baked.

MJ NEWS NETWORK EXCLUSIVE. WASHINGTON: Black Diamond, a former coal mining town 45 minutes south of Seattle, held a great debate on the future of medical marijuana yesterday. The event was organized by MMJ Universe and it’s owner Deidre Finley, who have been on the forefront of Washington’s medical marijuana movement by providing a safe access Read the full article…

Seattle port officials oppose big marijuana operations in Sodo

Port of Seattle officials are urging the Seattle City Council to pass a 10,000-square-foot limit on marijuana grow operations in Sodo to avoid hurting industries already operating in the area.

WASHINGTON: Last week the Port of Seattle urged the Seattle City Council to pass marijuana zoning laws that would keep grow operations to 10,000 square feet or smaller in the Sodo neighborhood. The council is considering three options: 10,000, 20,000, or 50,000 square feet. The council decided not to vote on the issue, instead pushing a decision Read the full article…

Update on Marijuana Zoning in Seattle

Marijuana in Seattle

SEATTLE: In the wake of the passage of I-502, the City Council is considering setting limits on where marijuana-related activity can take place in Seattle. Legislation to set zoning limits was discussed on June 24 at the Full Council, and eventually held under July 22. Four committee meetings were held to review the legislation, beginning Read the full article…