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Pot-Based Dog Treats: Owners Claim They Cure Pets’ Ailments

Some pet owners are claiming that hemp-based treats cure many of their pets’ ailments.

CALIFORNIA:  Some pet owners are claiming that hemp-based treats cure many of their pets’ ailments. The treats are infused with cannabinoids or CBDs but don’t have THC, so the animal doesn’t get high. One of the hemp-based treat brands called Treatibles has been used by some owners for anxiety or stress in their dogs. Andrew Mizia Read the full article…

Marijuana For Pets: The Good, The Bad, The Legal Status

Do people really want a medical marijuana program for their pets?

NEVADA:  The issue of legalizing marijuana is in itself a touchy subject, what with some arguing that this weed is nothing but a gateway drug sure to lead guys and gals down the path of a life of risks and crime, and others supporting its use either for recreational or for medical purposes. Seeing how Read the full article…

Nevada Bill Would Let Pets Use Pot; Proposal Calls For Medical Marijuana Cards For Animals

Pets might soon be able to use pot under a bill introduced Tuesday in the Nevada Legislature.

NEVADA:  Pets might soon be able to use pot under a bill introduced Tuesday in the Nevada Legislature. Democratic Sen. Tick Segerblom is sponsoring the measure that would allow animal owners to get marijuana for their pet if a veterinarian certifies the animal has an illness that might be alleviated by the drug. Segerblom said Read the full article…

Canna-Pet Introduces The First Cannabis Medicine For Pets

Two veterinarians and an MIT entrepreneur produce cannabidiol supplements from industrial hemp, specifically for pets.

WASHINGTON:  Two veterinarians and an entrepreneur from MIT have leveraged the high CBD content of industrial hemp and determined the proper dosages for pets, releasing supplements specifically for the health and well-being of cats and dogs. 

Canine Cannabis: Vet Says it's High Time for Sick Pets to Have Medical Marijuana

A growing number of vets believe old or ailing pets who take cannabis usually experience an immediate boost in appetite and relief from pain. They maintain medical marijuana lets these pets get around, relieve themselves without help, sleep better and enjoy their families until age or disease catches up.

CALIFORNIA: Until she introduced “magic cheese” to her sick and aging bulldog, Laura Bugni-Daniel watched him suffer for two years. He’d spend his days lying down or throwing up. Today, at age 12, he plays like a puppy through the day, his fur is soft and he sleeps at night, soothed not by magic, but Read the full article…

Seattle's marijuana problem: Pets getting stoned

Pets Poisoned by Legal Pot

WASHINGTON: When marijuana was legalized, dog owners like Sam Reich never thought people smoking pot would affect her pooch. But that is exactly what veterinarian Dr. Beth Guerra is seeing inside Renton’s Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services clinic. “We are seeing quite an uptick with marijuana toxicity with mainly dogs, but occasionally cats,” Guerra said. Read the full article…

Cannabis Legal Trends To Watch In 2018


By Sharon Golden Ever since you were young, your family was very problematic. There was never a day when you didn’t hear your parents shouting and arguing with each other. You would often lock yourself in your room as an escape from all the tension in the house. You’d rather be alone rather than be Read the full article…

Veterinary Cannabinoid Therapeutics Takes Center Stage At Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine Symposium

Do people really want a medical marijuana program for their pets?

A panel of seven Colorado doctors discuss using cannabis with animals COLORADO: Roughly 3-5% of all dogs have genetic epilepsy, and 14 million dogs have some form of arthritis. CBD oil is helping millions of people around the world, and as a result the veterinary medical market is becoming more aware of the relief CBD can Read the full article…

The Cannabrander: Studio A64 Case Study: The Local Social Dimensions Of Best-Practice Branding

“We’re a social space for marijuana users, so we serve coffee and other drinks.  We also have a real soda fountain where we create awesome milkshakes!”

By Ben Weinberg COLORADO: Studio A64 is a private, members-only cannabis club in Colorado Springs, Colorado that features a large, open space on the main floor as well as an upstairs lounge.  Studio A64 does not provide cannabis, and Ambur Racek who, along with Wanda Stark, owns and operates the club, wouldn’t have it any Read the full article…