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Can Marijuana Legalization Help Grow The US Economy?

Can weed fix the US Economy?

By John Levy While many marijuana dispensaries claim to not be raking in much profit, the same cannot be said for their state.  With medical marijuana becoming a growing business, the biggest advantage has been the kick back.  How does marijuana legalization help to grow the US economy?  It has little to do with the Read the full article…

Oregon: Legal Marijuana Economy Generating Millions, Report Says

Marijuana is big business

OREGON: The state’s licensed cannabis industry has created over 12,500 new jobs and is generating over $300 million in annual wages, according to a preliminary economic report provided to the legislature’s House Committee on Economic Development and Trade. The report, authored by Whitney Economics, identified over 900 cannabis-related businesses (as of February 21, 2007), with another 1,225 businesses awaiting licensure. Read the full article…

Medical Marijuana And Its Impact To The Economy

Study: Cannabis and mental illness

By Zack M Twenty five states have legalized marijuana for medical use so far, and it’s already clear that there are many economical advantages to be gained from this as well as the various medical marijuana benefits to be enjoyed by patients.  Because the marijuana systems in place in these states are being well regulated and Read the full article…

Nanaimo’s Mayor Says Marijuana Industry A Boon To Town’s Economy

The mayor of Nanaimo says his city is rolling in the dough from a new medical marijuana facility opened by Tilray a year ago.

CANADA:  The mayor of Nanaimo says his city is rolling in the dough from a new medical marijuana facility opened by Tilray a year ago. “They are providing jobs out there that are good paying, they’re family incomes. They have hired 95 per cent of their work force [from] local, long-time people,” says Bill McKay. “It’s just Read the full article…

Can Washington’s Gift Economy In Marijuana Work?

In Washington, D.C. you can give your neighbor up to an ounce, but if he gives you money or even bakes you a pie in exchange, that’s illegal.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  It sounds like an idea a stoner might come up with. In Washington, D.C., it’s now legal to possess marijuana, to grow it, to smoke it and to give it away. But you’re not allowed to trade in it. You can give your neighbor up to an ounce, but if he gives Read the full article…

‘Bud’-ding Pot Industry Lights Up A Whole New Economy

"Given the overwhelming national & industry media attention, the WeedHire name is now one of the most recognized brands within the marijuana jobs sector. Revenues enable us to further develop and grow WeedHire in parallel with legal marijuana industry growth," said Bernstein.

NEW JERSEY: The budding pot industry is creating a tech boomlet. Entrepreneurs David Bernstein and Vlad ‎Stelmak are two of the growing number of businesspeople to get a whiff of the possible profits as more than 20 states have now passed pot-friendly laws. Their brainstorm? A website and app —— devoted to helping people find Read the full article…

Legalized Marijuana In Washington Could Hurt B.C.’s Multibillion-Dollar Pot Economy

When A Green Alternatives does open, it will be the first legal medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego and the second in the county.

CANADA:  B.C’s massive pot industry is in for some tough times because of changes in U.S. marijuana policy and a shrinking market south of the border. The changes have raised questions about whether B.C.’s economy will take a hit. Washington state’s liquor board is expected to issue the first wave of retail marijuana store licences Read the full article…

Seize Pot Opportunity To Grow Economy

mplementing I-502 may be our only chance to stop nurturing and sustaining organized crime, shut down dangerous amateur-extraction labs, eliminate hazardous home-baking enthusiasts, and put a stop to residential grow operations.

WASHINGTON: Opponents of pot are still trying to wage social, ethical and moral arguments against the majority of citizens who voted in favor of the legalization of marijuana (Initiative 502). Legitimate concerns are lost in the perpetuation of misinformation and emotional irrationality, but what everyone seems to agree on is that marijuana does indeed grow money. Read the full article…

In Jamaica, A Push To Legalize Pot In Bid To Spark Economy

A Jamaican farmer nicknamed Breezy shows his illegal patch of budding marijuana plants during a tour of his land in Jamaica's central mountain town of Nine Mile.

JAMAICA:Napa and Sonoma have their wine tours, and travelers flock to Scotland to sample the fine single malt whiskies. But in Jamaica, farmers are offering a different kind of trip for a different type of connoisseur.